Saturday, March 8, 2008

Does Anyone Know About The Double Homicide?

Responding to a reader demand, I have decided to resurrect an issue that is a couple months old: the double homicide in Bay Ridge Gardens.

Oddly, I have nothing to report, yet there is much to know. Normally when a homicide happens, the city immediately sends out an email saying that a homicide has happened. That is usually followed by at least 1 update a couple hours later, either saying that a suspect has been arrested or at least requesting help in located a wanted suspect.

With this homicide, that didn't happen. The fact that it was a double homicide in itself is odd. We didn't learn the nature (shooting) of the homicide until a week later, and I don't remember hearing anything else since then. This smells funny.

I recently asked Ray Weaver about this, and he said he knew nothing more than I did. However, he then remarked that he is purposefully kept out of the loop on these things, precisely so secrets could be kept if need be.

My curiosity spiked, I wonder what we don't know about this, or what I missed.


Anonymous said...

Double shooting on Forest Hills Ave this week. I think I said shooting not homicide

Anonymous said...


You call it a "double homicide in Annapolis Gardens" - it actually occurred in Bay Ridge Apartments, a privately-owned, low-income community on Bay Ridge Rd.

Brian Gill said...

Geez I am rusty. I have made the change. Thanks.