Thursday, August 14, 2008

Violent Crimes Down

This was a press release from the city. Normally I would accompany this city propaganda with some of my own, but as it is I am on a zero-expense-paid vacation in Spain and I'm lucky to have this time on the internet. Quicky, I did notice a correlation betwen the new police chief, with new policies, and this reduction in crime:

Crimes Statistics Show Significant Drop In Violent Reported Crimes

The Annapolis Police Department is releasing the Crime Statistics
for the period of January 1st, 2008, through June 30th, 2008. As compared to the
same time period of 2007, the number of violent crimes is lower in 2008. Total
reported Violent crimes for the period in 2007 were 231, while there were 190 in
2008, a reduction of 17.75%. Shootings are down 25% from 15 to 12. While
both years saw 6 Homicides, in 2008 we had the happenstance of five within the
first three months of the year, but, only one in the next three months, and none
since May. Robberies are down from 101 in 2007 to 79 in 2008, and Aggravated
Assaults are down from 123 in 2007 to 100 in 2008. The statistics are part of
those compiled during the course of our participation in the Uniform Crime
Reporting System as reported to the FBI.

Even more significant is
that the reductions seem to be at an accelerated pace since April of 2008 -
perhaps not coincidentally when a number of tactical and strategic changes
were implemented. For example, violent crime dropped from 137 to 88 ( -35.77%) when comparing the second quarters of 2008 to 2007. Robberies dropped
from 55 to 35, and Aggravated Assaults from 77 to 50.

This success is attributable to many factors, not the least of which are new
initiatives brought about by leadership and carried out by the fine officers of
the Annapolis Police Department. It is important to note that none of the
initiatives would work without the full support of the officers on the street,
which has been outstanding.

The new strategies include:

*Senior Commanders assigned to street duty during periods of peak criminal activity. *Emphasis of intelligence gathering and targeting of the most
frequent and likely offenders.
*Creation of a street enforcement unit,
combining K-9, Drug Enforcement, Intelligence, Traffic and
foot patrol teams with senior, direct supervision.
*More efficient use of the overlap hours of 10 PM to 2 AM, when two shifts are on -
*Supplementing of Downtown Foot Patrol with officers assigned to
administrative duties
*Increased use of technology such as roll call
briefings backed up by video of wanted persons or known
*Increased emphasis on the serving of existing warrants.

Through the reduction in violent crime, it is clear that these and
many other things are making it much more difficult for the criminals. Another
key factor is the increased cooperation from the public, as demonstrated by more
and more calls and tips from the citizens concerning criminal activity. The
police and public each energize the other, and results by one serve to encourage
more effort by the other.

We hope to continue this very positive trend for the remainder of this year and beyond.


Go God !!! said...

without crime what will happen to police jobs, there are fewer and fewer jobs for people without brains and the loss of police jobs could end up with more competition for jobs at wal-mart.

Anonymous said...

I am not the brightest but I think you are refering to the poice officers as the ones without brains. A large portion of APD officers have at least a four year degree or military expericence. We work in a highly competitive field. Retired APD officers have no trouble finding well paid govenment and private sector jobs. One can only wonder what education a moron like you must have. Bates Middle comes to mind. Dont worry guys, the poice jobs should be safe for now.

Anonymous said...

APD professional == we appreciate the work you do, often without thanks, under very difficult circumstances (and in a station that still isn't finished)

On another topic --what do readers think about Carl Snowden's position that thugs shouldn't be banned from public housing because they have grannies to visit?

Schmoeee Louis said...

Yippie tye yie yo. I finds APD professionals to be a bunch of backwoods hicks that like public housing as it reminds them of the Homelands in africa and shanty towns in the south. They could do something about it if they were not so busy protecting the white neighborhoods from skateboarders.

Any real cop ( with brains) would work for the Secret Service. The starting salary in Annapolis will hardly pay for a rental property in Brooklyn , MD.

And as far as Snowden is concerned, I back him 101% Blacks are people too and everyone of us deserve the protection of our constitution. IF it takes the ACLU to wake up the redneck Annapolis politicians, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Carl? Have another drink. Is it your family members you want off the banning list? Call Anita Jackson at HACA perhaps she can help you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gill, I think you should look into why the daily police activity report ( consistently leaves out crime reports for Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Call me crazy, but I wonder if they may be trying to hide something.

Thanks for the blog

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there a total of 7 homocides laste year (an all time high) and didn't we already reach that number by June this year?

Anonymous said...

Some numbers game they're playing

Anonymous said...

Talk about crime, what is happening with O'Malley Watch? It gets zapped every time I try to go to it.

Brian Gill said...

to answer some of the above:

-typically the APD on mondays lists crime data for the past 72 hours. i didn't look at the link, but if that's not the answer then i don't know what is

-last year we had 9 homicides, which was a record, and the year before we had 8, which was also a record at the time. this year, i think we had like 5 in the first 3 months, then only 1 since the new chief took over

-don't know what's up with omalley watch. i just clicked on it from the sidebar of this blog and it worked, although it was missing some functionality

Jane Says said...

a police chief has no affect on the homicide rate. it will all even out soon enough. stupid police can't do much about stopping crime, they just harass innocent citizens or ticket non-white driver after fabricating a false reason to pull them over. How many pieces of stolen property do they recover--not many.

Jane Says said...

a police chief has no affect on the homicide rate. it will all even out soon enough. stupid police can't do much about stopping crime, they just harass innocent citizens or ticket non-white driver after fabricating a false reason to pull them over. How many pieces of stolen property do they recover--not many.

Annapolis Power said...

dwb is a crime in Annapolis . What about DWLBA1AM---driving while leaving bar after 1 a. m.

fug the apd

Thomas Lee Worthington III said...

My problem with anapolis is that there are no good prostitutes. What can be done about this ? Furthermore, I believe we could get on the map if we would legalize marijuana here.

Isiah J. Rubenstein said...

What can be done about this you ask ?

See your local pro-slots lobbyists at once and they will help you out--if you do their bidding.

Thomas Lee Worthington iii said...

Bring on the slots people.

Linda Ravage said...

Crime rates will plummet with slots. I agree, slots are going to save humanity

Slippery Slope Republican Logical applied said...

slots today will surely lead to socialism.

Republican Logic said...

let humanity save itself. All humanities meed to accept personal-humanity responsibility and the free humanity market will take care of all.

Republican Logic said...

let humanity save itself. All humanities need to accept personal-humanity responsibility and the free humanity market will take care of all.

Polly Tician said...

We need slots, as it will add prostitution to the area. I need it and am tired of having to use the local call girls --to expensive

Anonymous said...

I think that the crime in Annapolis is linked to illegal immigration. There's little doubt in my mind. I'm somewhat surprised that the Capital has not addressed this wave of illegal latin immigrants in the Annapolis area. Over ten years the population of latinos has more than quadrupled. Is the Capital afraid of ticking off the local businesses who rely on them?

Anonymous said...

I think this report is misinformation. The crime here is just going to get worse and worse. I remember when I went out at night to the store or deli I just used to only get stared down and accosted by black thugs. Now there's latino thugs covered with tattoos that you run into on a weekly basis at the safeway area or giant, spa rd deli, spirit mart near the harbor center, who anyone with any sense knows are either MS13 or something else. Why the heck don't the cops round up these slimebuckets and deport them??

Liberal With a touch o' redneck said...

Does anyone know if this invasion of undocumented hispanic thugs are truly undocumented ? If so , could this be overlooked because of the need of the business to maximize profits, or is there a more insidious reason that we are overlooking the immigration laws ?

Surely these people are not hard to find-- ALAN Apartments ( forest dr,) is a well hangout-- some call it Little El Salvador. And money laundering businesses--places where this people wire money 'home' are prevelant on the other side of the street on both ends of 'old forest dr."

I think Leopold, who I otherwise dislike strongly, needs to continue his pursuit enforcing the immigration laws with an Iron Fist. If this law is ignored, why do not laws that harm my personal freedom NOT ignored ( I like me some reefer) .

do the benefits of cheap lawn work for the wealthy, cheap kitchen workers, a good market for used high mileage hondas outweigh the fact that a law is being openly broken on a somewhat Grande scale ?

I say send them home before they steal more public school dollars form my children--leeches!!!

Anonymous said...

Please excuse the comment above, its occasionally white thugs as well. I should've said local english speaking thugs, who are being replaced or compounded by more violent internationally connected spanish speaking thugs. And I think it is going to get worse if the md democrats keep having their way, facilitating illegal immigration in maryland.

Anonymous said...

you are right redneck, I did some research

Centro de Ayuda/Hispanic Community Ctr. (B-2)
Allen Apartments, 311 Center St., 410.266.8013 OTHER ANNAPOLIS CITY SERVICES

Anonymous said...

Yes, the area on Chinquapin is full of shady businesses, like Centro de Ayuda and the Financieros place near Dunkin Donuts, which looks like its been shut down or gone to a place more in the shade. There's actually some shady places on West street that act like 'fixers' for Salvadorians and other illegals, who I've witnessed using our local library on west street to give tutorials on everything from library use to legal assistance. This city is full of corruption. Why aren't there any articles addressing this??

Spend My Taxes On Tax Paying Americans said...

Can a person in this country simply walk up to another person and say, " show me your papers" ? If not, then we need to use whatever legitimate mechanism is in place to find this illegals and punish their employers and send them 'home'.

Banging My Buck said...

I like getting cheap lawn care/landscaping. I just wish I could cut out the American middle man and get it done even cheaper. Is there a place and can just drive by when I need labor and pick some of this illegals up on an as needed basis ?

republican rhetorical questioner said...

Jesus, what next gays in the military ? Can we really take a chance on a female commander in chief ?

Loving Militant said...

The Democratic Party has already won the battle to force social progress in the good old boy USA. They forced the republics to be Progressive.

Way to go LEFT wing !!!!!

Thugbot said...

All Politics is Local.

Kill the Polar BEAR !!!!

Criss Cross Comparisons said...

This Blog is great, I love it. Hey , have you ever noticed that Repubics are most dominate in areas where people are not forced to interact with each other if they choose not too. For instance , Alaska, how many people per square foot up there, as opposed to Md where we are all squished up together and searching for public waterfront access.

And do we really want a woman that says Polar Bears don't need protection ? Next thing you know she will
legalize seal clubbing. Hell if she was in maryland , she'd probably say the oyster population and health of the bay is just fine.

But I might vote for her (ummm... him) anyway as she is a bona fide dope smoked.

Anonymous said...

What would Hillary do of Chelsea got pregnant ? We won't know until if happens. LMAO

Anonymous said...

alternative said...

Ron Paul !!!

Traditional Whote Conservative Bigoted Fool said...

if Palin had been a greco-chino latino trans-gendered amputee the republics surely would have gotten even more attention.

Shakespeare for the Masses said...

a red herring by any other name .......... Palin

Red-blooded American said...

McCain is a product of Annapolis and all great americans must vote for him.

Anonymous said...

For those of you that are referring the police in Annapolis has rednecks, uneducated, stupid officers...first off you are either pissed off because you have recieved a violation or ticket or a family member has been arrested...OR you were denied employment by the department. Secondly next time you need the police CALL A CRACKHEAD INSTEAD! Everyone hates the cops until they need them. If you think the job is that easy then go apply and let me see you get treated like a second class citizen at your job that you put your life on the line every night not knowing if you are going to see your children or family again.

Jim cantwell said...

police are not rednecks necessarily, but they are necessarily stupid.

Ben Dover said...

you can put lipstick on a pig, but you have to clean the crap out of its guts before you can make chitlins.

Bend over Palin, ----squeal

Palin Drones said...

I have this idea for a joke in my head and need some help.

It starts like this : Big Dick Cheney and Palin go hunting and Big Dick sees his target, lifts his huge gun and..........

Zacharies mainst said...

On this Anniversary of the day we became aware of how much we are hated let us hope that such a thing never again happend. We can not allow our society to ever again be hijacked by fundamentalists Christians in the name of security.

Polar Bearskin said...

Like em young said...

What did Palin's daughter's sweat pants say on the backside ?


Banana Republic MainSt said...

why is it ok to talk about Palin's soon-to-be soldier-boy son, but not her gutter-slut daughter ?

Anonymous said...

OK so quit!