Monday, September 22, 2008

City Council Meeting 9/22: Live Blog

I have once again found a partner who has generously, if not knowingly, donated his wireless internet signal to facilitate a live blog!


The meeting starts, 33 minutes late, as a result of a closed session of the council running late. So far, there have been no efforts to compensate me for the extra hour of parking in the garage.

All Aldermen are present, except for Cordle. The city attorney is absent, and has been replaced by a man who looks like he means business. Check him out on tv!


The public hearings begin after a brief recognition of a gent whose family spent 1/2 their annual income to sent him to America.

O-22-08: Modifying parking districts around Acton's Landing.
Arguments For: None Made.
Arguments Against: Make sure this doesn't shift parking burden to residential streets in Acton's Landing.
Who Is Right: Who knows.


Somebody points out that parking is enforced in ward 1 in the daytime, when there are plenty of spaces because ward 1 residents are working! The claim that residents come home to find no parking spots because there is no parking enforcement at night seems to baffle the council, save Alderman Israel who promises that Chief Pristoop is addressing the problem.


Public hearings for the two bills regarding non-profit financial reporting. Nobody testifies, but the Mayor claims that there is already a provision to receive quarterly reports. If there is, I didn't find it, and it sure isn't in the code in the spot where these new ordinances would be inserted.


The public hearings portion of the public hearing meeting ends, after 14 minutes.


Legislative action begins.

O-35-08 and O-36-08 are introduced. See the next post for details.


R-35-08 comes up for a vote, and fails, which is good. This bill would have given the Key School, a private school outside of city limits, the priviledge of using the city's ability to borrow cheaply to finance their operations. The vote ended up 4-4, which means the motion fails.

Voting Yes: Moyer, Hoyle, Finlayson, Shropshire
Voting No: Paone, Israel, Stankivic, Arnett


R-40-08 is fast-tracked, and passed for good. This commends the awesome city clerk for receiving the "Fannie Lou Hammer Award".


Meeting adjourns. Shortest meeting ever.

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