Monday, January 12, 2009

Alderman Stankivic To Propose Aldermanic Term Limits Tonight

Scheduled for first reader tonight is a Charter Amendment sponsored by Alderman Stankivic to limit the terms for Aldermen, which are currently unrestricted.

CA-02-09 would limit the successive terms served by an Alderman to 2.

It also would do something more subtle but no less amusing. From my youth, I seem to remember some petty quarrels involving the Mayor, Alderman Hoyle, and former Ward 1 Alderman Louise Hammond. As I recall, Hoyle wanted the mayor to address the female Aldermen as "Alderwoman", I suppose to eliminate a perceived gender bias in the charter. Alderman Hammond refused to accept the new moniker, as the charter clearly identified the position as "Alderman".

Stankivic's CA would settle this issue, adding the word "Alderwomen" into the language and affording any concerned females with the ability to be labeled the 'alder' of their choice.


Anonymous said...

How about something as useful. How about campaign fiance limits. Only in Annapolis, a town of 34,000, does a Mayor need $100,000 to run on her record. A number that raises a suspicion of corruption to the layperson is celebrated by our extremely unbiased local newspaper. I mean none of that $100,000 came from current dept heads or construction companies that are robbing downtown of an economy.

Anonymous said...

If you read the proposal, it is titled Aldermanic Term Limits. I think the new gender neutral term should be "aldermanics" or maybe even "aldermaniacs".