Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cordle To Make "Major Address"

Wasting no time after the defeat of the city manager proposal, Ward 5 Alderman Dave Cordle is set to make a big announcement at the Wednesday Republican Breakfast Club, which meets at the Eastport Yacht Club at exactly 7:30 every Wednesday morning.

The 'major address' will most certainly be Cordle's formal announcement of his candidacy for Mayor.

It has been theorized that Alderman Cordle would only run for Mayor if he had the prospect of the power that the office currently holds. With that power intact and a $50,000 mayoral pay raise on the table, it seems that Alderman Cordle is rushing to join the party, at least officially.

This is an interesting political move by the Alderman from the city's most glamorous ward. For about the past year, Alderman Cordle has been careful to support most of Ward 1's causes, correctly speculating that a successful Republican candidacy would need their support. With a
'no' vote on City Manager, Cordle has squarely abandoned this strategy, and it will be interesting to see the consequences that he might face.

If not the only Republican candidate, Corlde is still the most viable candidate for the primary election for his party.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Chris Fox a Republican?

Brian Gill said...


Anonymous said...

Whoops: Ward ONE is the city's most glamorous ward.

Anonymous said...

Ward 8 has the most fun though.

Bob McWilliams

Anonymous said...

This town, and the county, has been leaning right for some time. A good repp tie Republican will carry the day.

Despite his best efforts to coast on the obamanon, I don't think Jeffery Collins a/k/a Sam Shropshire can pull through unless he can somehow pull in the latino's to bolster whatever he can pick off from the colored vote. This assuming a Snowden associate throws their hat in the ring for the Democratic primary.

Anonymous said...

Cohen is entering the race. Game over.

Anonymous said...

Cohen won't have an easy time of it, since it's become obvious that he's more of a ladder climber than a public servant.

Josh has never finished any office he has been elected to. In fact, without the Mayoral pay increase, he probably wouldn't have run.

Bob McWilliams

Anonymous said...

There are several distortions, half truths and lies in that post.

he's more of a ladder climber than a public servant.

This young man has dedicated more than half his adult life to serving the public in office (and worked in public service before being elected). You, Bob, on the other hand are a perennial also-ran and general burr in the side of those trying to get things done for the public good.

has never finished any office he has been elected to.

He was the Alderman in Ward 8 from 2001-2005, a full term. He left that office after winning a second term.

without the Mayoral pay increase, he probably wouldn't have run.

There is no guarantee the pay increase will pass, yet he has declared his intentions.

You may need to pick up some new talking points, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Given the fine job our government has been doing, especially at the local level, I'm proud to be a burr in the side of those "getting things done for the public good?!". In line with my comments about Josh, I think many politicians are more interested in serving themselves.

You are accurate about finishing the first term; I stand corrected there.

As for the pay increase, I doubt a Democrat recommendation will have much trouble being passed by a Democrat controlled council.

As for being an "also ran", at least I put my time, effort and name out there, in an effort to make a difference. Conversely, you won't even sign your name to a comment in a blog.

Bob McWilliams

Anonymous said...

Brian--can you please contact me at eyeonannapolis@gmail.com

I have a proposal for you that you might be interested in hearing.



Anonymous said...

Would you say it's a modest proposal?

Anonymous said...

How come you know about Cordle's announcement and another prominent Annapolis blogger didn't? He's been whining all week!

LA said...

I think that Cohen's attempt to raise the Mayor's salary by $70,000 during these economic times is a fatal error. Actually, it is just really dumb.

林依晨Amber said...