Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hello to all you followers of this blog, and those who stumbled upon this blog in a failed attempt to book a hotel room or achieve some other productive task.

Let's get ourselves up to date. Since 2002, I've had a catering company, which I have operated in the pursuit of profit. About a year ago, I expanded those operations to include a restaurant, a move that crowded out my blogging time, amongst other things.

Recently, I learned that "restaurant" is an old Latin term meaning "the worst way to make a living other than jobs that put you in physical danger". Upon becoming aware of this disaster-in-the-making, I quickly shut down the restaurant operation, in favor of the safety and lack of consequences offered by the world of blogging!

I have also been involved in the Mayoral campaign of Chris Fox, managing to deliver photos such as this one:

and this one:

And, for those loyal readers of the blog, I am happy to inform you that Mrs. Politics is as cheeky as ever.

Hopefully, with any luck, I will now be able to provide more than 1 update per 3 months, so that you, the reading public, can enjoy the biased commentary that I enjoy providing!

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Burren47 said...

Just in time to review the charette.