Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Markets Going Up Everywhere, Except The Market House

And by "everywhere", I mean in 2 more places. We recently learned that new farmers markets are starting in West Annapolis and in the parking lot of the Tawes building, which is across from the courthouse with the roman columns that hold up nothing.

I found in The Sun a convenient listing of some other farmers markets already in existence, and using that information, I have compiled a list of current known farmer's markets within like 15 minutes of the Market House:

-Downtown in the city valet parking lot (Does this still go on? I think so.)
-Tawes building
-West Annapolis
-Riva Road
-Ritchie Highway
-The Mall
-Piney Orchard

(Note to readers: there is no market in the Market House.)

Now, it would be best if the same market operated in the Market House everyday, because they wouldn't have to start from scratch every time they set up (since they would be there continuously). But, if that can't happen for some city-bureaucrat-red tape-related reason, why can't we find the people that already operate markets, and ask them to set up one day a week in the MH?

(Note #2 to readers: While writing this post, I forgot about the rice I was cooking. The water evaporated, and the pan starting smoking, setting off the smoke detector and bringing upon a call from the alarm company! To prevent them from dispatching the fire department, I had to give them my code, which was conveniently not the code I use on the alarm keypad to activate/deactivate the system. Cleverly, I stored the correct code in a secret bunker in my house known only to me and Dick Cheney, which I accessed to prevent the frivolous emergency activity. Now knowing that today was not a rice day, I substituted cous cous, which is just as good. All is well.)

So anyway, the Market House needs a market.

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