Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buy Local In Annapolis

Patronizing locally owned businesses is hardly a new concept. In the days before sophisticated logistical networks, 'buying local' was the only thing you could do. Today, we have the choice to buy from locally owned businesses, regional or national chains, and even multinational corporations.

Efforts to formally support local businesses have begun to surface. 18 months ago, as part of a wild environmental bill, the city suggested it should pay a premium of up to 10% to purchase locally sold goods. And just last week, the Maryland Buy Local Week was honored by the Governor with a picnic.

I found out that people who support buying local also are prone to supporting environmental concerns, and I also learned that '350' is an important number in this arena. I believe that 350 ppm of carbon dioxide is the sustainable environmental amount. The person who told me this suggested that '350' can be applied to the buy local philosophy, perhaps with each of us spending $50 a month on 3 local businesses that we would like to see stick around.

Consequently, I have compiled a list of local businesses that I like, which I will list hear--with wards--for your convenience! Any person suggesting a business that I omitted will win an imaginary prize. Note: I have to agree that the business is good, a highly subjective exercise. Note #2: All good suggestions will be added to the list below. Note #3: '*' denotes a business that, if gone, would significantly affect my personal consumer habits.

Ward 1

Sly Fox Pub*
On Pointe Dance
Ruby Salon
Luna Blue
City Dock Coffee
WRNR radio*
Chick & Ruth's
Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre
Maryland Hall (the artists)
The Big Cheese
Dock Street Bar and Grill

Ward 2

Giant Peach
West Annapolis Gallery (Liz Lind)

Ward 3

Caffe Pronto*
Annapolis Car Doctors*
Pit Boys

Ward 4

ummm...? The best I can figure, the only businesses in Ward 4 are the ones in the Ledo's/Five Guys shopping center, and, like, the car wash on Spa Rd. near the Severn Bank building. Didn't think that was ward 4, did ya'? You know what, they just added touchless washing. I'm there.

Ward 5

Wine Cellar in Clock Tower Place

There is also a butcher's shop there, and it's freeking awesome to have a butcher shop around because they are hard to come by. I've never been there, but I hope it's nice.

Ward 6

True Value Hardware (True Value is a chain but I believe they are locally franchised, plus there are only about 7 businesses in ward 6, all in that same shopping center, unless I'm wrong, which is rare)

Ward 7

Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits*
Mexican Cafe (honorary ward 7 member)

Ward 8

Davis' Pub
Lewnes' Steak House


Jessica said...

Dock Street Bar and Grill :)

Anonymous said...

Joss - Ward 1

Anonymous said...

Carpaccio, O'Leary's and Wild Orchid.