Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Fox For Mayor" Trivia Team Takes Second Place In Trivia Grandchampionship

Every Monday at the Sly Fox Pub there is a heated trivia competition. The questions are researched by an employee of Sly Fox, and up to 30 teams participate.

Mrs. Politics, ever the trivia savant, was on a trivia team aptly named "Fox For Mayor". Points were accumulated from week to week, and the top-performers were invited to participate in a playoff featuring a different format and more difficult questions.

The playoff took place this past Monday, with the "Fox For Mayor" team taking second place! Mrs. Politics, noting that posts on this blog don't always have to be about politics, asked that I post an announcement about the accomplishment.

I agreed to make such a post, and failure to do so until now has been a source of fodder from my better half for the past 6 days!

So here it is, hon. Congratulations!


John said...

Well with a name like "Annapolis Politics" I would tend to look here for politics before trivia!

But since she was on a politically named team, I guess she is entitled. Besides she can likely make your life miserable!


Anonymous said...

Where is the council commentary? We're going to cut your pay if you don't get back to work.