Monday, January 11, 2010

City Council Meeting 1/10/10: Live Blog

Merry 2010, blog followers!  The city has truly taken a step forward and I can't believe nobody told me about this yet.  When I set up my computer here, I did my typical search for internet signals and took my typical pessimistic tone.  When the possible connections came up, I noticed an unsecured connection at full strength labeled "CCC"......"City Council Chambers"?!!  Unbelievable.  After a torturous time with a Mayor who was slow to embrace such pesky technologies as the internet and airplanes, I am tickled to see the adoption this blogger-friendly policy.

A mini-budget workshop has been going on since 7:00, the highlight of which came when Alderman Arnett asked for assurances from the finance director that the city council would not be jailed for violating the provision in the city code requiring a balanced budget.  I once asked for assurance that I would avoid jail time, and was immediately "jinxed" by my lawyer, who didn't allow me to talk until I paid him a sum of money adequate to buy him a tailored pinstripe suit.


The Mayor just promised, I believe, to maintain the current tax rate and level of services.  These types of promises are notoriously elusive when coming from a politician, so I will get verification from the city clerk that these words indeed were uttered in the record.


Alderman Israel just noted that we have 200 more employees than other cities this size, a nagging thorn that was quickly softened by the quasi-accurate statement that we have many more special requirements than other cities our size.


I'm done covering the work session because it's passed its allotted time.  So let's focus on appearances!  All Aldermen are present, a positive sign, and most are wearing suits and/or ties (where appropriate!).  Alderman Arnett continues his commitment to facial hair, a strategy with the clear dual purposes of intimidating neighboring Ward 7 Alderman Ian Pfeifer and creating the aura of having the wisdom of the ages.  Also there is a tall Christmas tree in city hall that has been nearly taken down, except for a few ornaments at the very top of the apparent 9 foot tree. Let's hope this obvious dereliction of duty on the part of Aldermen Paone and Kirby will not be a sign of things to come.


Meeting time.  There is some type of award being presented, which I have decided to ignore because the word "insurance" appears in the name.  While the award is being presented, let me direct you to an example of what political satirical writing is supposed to be.

There is another award being presented to a resident of Ward 1 for voluntarily clearing snow from driveways.  He seems equally happy to receive the award and to not have to stay for any more of the meeting.


We are "privileged" to hear a presentation on overtime cost reduction.  The report identifies lack of top-down management, poor monitoring procedures, and certain federally mandated overtime pay (for police and fire)  as chief drivers of overtime.  The most curious thing I saw was the declaration that certain "budgets were artificially reduced during the 2009-2010 plan preparation".  Wow.  Every April 15th I attempt to artificially manipulate budgets, without any success.  Doug Smith explains that this means that a certain group of insiders knew that a particular budget would be high, but submitted a lower budget estimate as a motivational tool to reduce spending.


2009 Snow Emergency Report!
-emergency routes were cleared but was difficult to keep up with other streets
-priority is 1. emergency routes, 2. connecting streets, 3. businesses, 4. residential streets
-parked cars impeded plows
-300 calls to the 1 staff person at the water works plant
-county residents given the city emergency number (wtf!)
-city streets in Kingsport not even added to the 'street responsibilities'
-level III emergency
-general plans out of date
-all departments had independent plans and didn't know what the other departments were doing


Alderman Paone just gave it to CAO Doug Smith a little bit...."I personally spoke with you on Wednesday, and roads we talked about were not cleared after that discussion.  What gives?"

Also, neither Alderman Pfeifer, Kirby, nor Silverman have said anything yet.  They are clearly being dominated by Alderman Arnett's beard.


A lot of people are blaming the county for this, and blaming the county has been a trendy thing to do for like 8.2 years.  The 8 years are not this Mayor's fault, but he should be concerned with the .2.  As a former county councilman, Mayor Cohen pledged more cooperation with the county.  There will be many more opportunities to showcase this partnership.


Comments from the Public:

Vincent Leggett: Supports renaming Obery St. to Bertina Nick Way.

Sam Brice: As a city employee, I see the city needing to (1) decide exactly what it wants to be and fund itself accordingly, (2) stand up to face and FUND our problems, (3) recognize that employees are the most valuable asset to the city and city needs to fund them adequately.  The "second" thing he wants to talk about is the budget.  "Stop creating new programs".  The "third" item he wants to address is revisions to the ethics commission.

Herb McMillan: Let the public speak at the beginning of each meeting.  "Budget has been balanced on the back of the taxpayers" as property taxes went up by 100%.  City employees need to take pay cuts and some employees need to be cut.  Net gain of 5 contractual employees is not the right direction.

Will Small: Police spend a lot of time on "trivial issues" and "trumping up allegations".  Please add to city bicycle lanes.

Tony Evans: It snowed in Wisconsin when I was a teenager.  More heavy vehicles and better planning are needed for snowstorms.


Public Hearing on  CA-09-09: City Manager Form of Government

-Anne Lawrence: supports council manager form of government

-Dave Cordle: supports both charter amendments (city manager and tax cap).  Be a representative government and listen to what the people want.

-Tony Evans: No such thing as a "water walker".  Opposes city manager.

-Lee Fitting (sp?): As a consultant to city governments, council manager forms of government provide structural benefits.

-Bob Burdon: Chamber of Commerce opposes the CA.  Now that we have a new administration, the timing of the CA is inappropriate and wasteful.

-Bill Kardash: ABC (Annapolitans for Better Community) supports the CA and the council manager form of government.  We need to take politics out of operations.

-Trudy McFall: The fact that Doug Smith serves against the provisions of the charter is the latest example of why we need a city manager--the Mayor has too much unchecked power.

-Marcia Marshall: Favors council manager charter amendment b/c it fixes fundamental flaws in our government especially the fact that the city council has very little authority.

-Will Small: Supports the council manager CA.

-Gil Renaut: ditto.


Public Hearing on CA-10-09: Property Tax Cap

Bob Burdon: Chamber of Commerce opposes the tax cap because it hamstrings governments.

Herb McMillan: I am representing the 3,000 people that signed the tax cap petition in 2 months.  "3,000 of us want a tax cap".  County is in a better position than the city and they have a tax cap AND they fund schools.  Tax cap measure is prudent.

Sam Brice: "I don't think this council needs to enact a tax cap.  They just need to pay attention to the tax dollar."


Public Hearing on O-52-09 and $-56-09: Registration and Maintenance For Foreclosure Properties.

Mike Malinoff: DNEP needs better ability to track down people responsible for foreclosures.


I typically try not to do this, but I'm just to bored to stay for the rest of this meeting.  I think any patience I have depletes as I get older.  I try and find out about this stuff tomorrow.  Goodnight!


Anonymous said...


Understand your early out. By the time Josh had moseyed through the evening it was too, too late for grey matter.

Very cool about wifi in city hall. Pretty shocking actually given its history as a no information zone.

Now we can take our laptops to CC meetings. Testify during citizen comments that at $2M plus deficit with only 5 and a half months to go in the fiscal year seems a bit worrisome and then return to our seats and hope for a comment from our real time blogger! Honestly, those of us addicted to trying to marshal a little backbone in the City Council desparetly need you to continue.

Jane Lawrence

Anonymous said...

Excellent, and a great service, as usual.