Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Am Not Gone

Since Paul Foer continues to designate himself as the king of local politics, I have found it necessary to announce that I am not gone, and as my work* cycle begins to slow for the summer, I indeed plan to return to frequent posts shortly.

(*For those unfamiliar with work, it is a conglomeration of value-creating activities that people have to undertake when the government doesn't give them money, or when they have ambition. Since blogging only creates monetary value at the highest levels, occasionally blogs like this one have to take a back seat, so blog writers like me can earn enough money to pay the internet bill.)

Anyway, I am mainly writing this post to advise Paul that there are other people in the city with opinions that are well-thought-out, and just because you are the only person who currently has time to blog about city politics and get 30,000 yokels to view the site, does not mean that you are now being considered for the Pulitzer Prize.

(Post Intermission: This is quickly becoming a blogwar type post! Normally I would not bother with such endeavours, as I typically prefer to provide analysis of bills, something that (incredibly) you will not find on the 30,000-hit blog. However, I suffered a cheeky grease burn at work today, and I am feeling feisty. Plus, since I'm not going to post anything for another month, I might as well say whatever I want!)

(If anyone still thinks blogs aren't silly.....congratulations--I'll meet you at the Mayor's next inaugural ball.)

Paul loves to label all conservative bloggers as nasty, mean-spirited, etc., and I'm sure what I am about to say will convince him that he is correct, but I am about to state fact, not theory. I know many of the people who are politically active here in this city, and 90% of those people are so annoyed by Paul that they won't even speak with him. Why would this be the case? Because Paul does things like THIS, and THIS, and THIS.

And don't think for a minute that Paul is not nasty himself. For proof, read this post, where he shows no class when responding to someone who voiced opposition to a post, even going so far as to mock the commenter in the title of the post and make fun of a misspelling of a word.

Now, let's address some things that Paul says about me in the post linked at the top of this post. He says this:
The other came on strong and seemed both valuable and relevant until its
publisher started allowing all kinds of nasty and obnoxious comments and letters
to appear--and I might add anonymously.

And one of the above blogs posted that it was helping form yet another
blog, this one with an unabashedly and eponymously negative take on our city. It
made a few tiny and brief posts which basically asked for negative comments. A
few negative comments trickled in and seems to have died. Curiously,
that blog had a most remarkable similarity to CP in terms of its template,
colors and fonts. How interesting. Well, I guess that imitation is the best form
of flattery.

Paul, NOBODY IS TRYING TO IMITATE YOU...YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT. For those of you who have to work and therefore cannot write a blog, allow me to inform you that offers about 11 different templates--8 of which are prohibitively obnoxious, so the chances that 2 blogs would have the same template, colors, and fonts is 100%.

Paul doesn't like that I allow negative comments, nor does he like anonymous comments. Frankly, why would you censor blog comments? IT'S A BLOG--NOT ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT--PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO SAY WHAT COMES TO THEIR MIND REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. And the anonymous thing is a joke. I invite all of you to leave a comment on this post. There is an option to write any name you want to identify your comment. ANY NAME! You could simply put a fake name and your anonymity would not be compromised. So, you can get into a guessing game trying to verify if people are really who they say they are, or you can just let people say whatever they want.

For any of you who happen to still be reading this post, here is what I don't like about Capital Punishment:

1. Self-Promotion. When the blog comes up, you are pitched for something called "Fast Foerwords", something called "Adventures Afloat", and even for a business called "Annapolis Assistance", which is apparently run by Paul's son. Blogs like ours are to supplement the local media, not to make money. You need to sell your business on its merits, not on your ability to publish inflammatory posts.

2. Lack of analysis of legislation details.

3. Desire for notoriety above content.

4. Combative attitude towards opponents despite professions of loathing towards that behavior when it comes from conservatives.

5. Failure to properly format certain posts, resulting in a painful read.

So, as I was saying, I am going to start posting soon.

Paul, feel free to respond in any way you deem necessary. I promise not to censor your comments as you have demanded I do of others.


bill said...

Look, this is me, Brian, leaving this comment. But it says my name is Bill! (There is no point in not allowing anonymous comments because people could just do this.)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you posting, Brian. I certainly understand "real life" getting in the way, but I hope you'll stick with the blog when things calm down.

Brian Gill said...

I just had such an epiphany while I was on the can leaving a long, slender, firm, brown phallic object in my beautiful porcelain office.

All those posts I wrote anonymously saying bad things about so and so and this and that are so fun! And I love how strong it made me feel that I can make it appear as if others support my views. And to not put my real name so I wouldn't be publicly confronted makes me feel so safe. The idea of getting into a blog tizzy over my emotions and opinions just gets me going. Though it seems like maybe I should find something else to do, I just can't control myself. Almost warms me. Its fun see to not have to put your real name. That way I'm not accountable and no one can take me to task personally. At least I don't have to answer them if they do. It's great!

Brian Gill said...

Ha! Whoever wrote that last post has the right idea! The last "Brian Gill" was not me, but now it is me writing. However, you the reader will never know that for sure. The point is, if the comment makes a good point, then pay attention to it. Don't pay attention to the name because it can be anyone.

However, if whoever wrote the last comment thinks that I leave anonymous comments to accountability, I can assure you that it's not worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

You've gotten Paul all hot and bothered now.

Anonymous said...

You probably ought not to be quite so sensitive. If a blogger gets you so upset what are you gonna do during the election when someone flings some mud your way?

Brian Gill said...

It's not so much that I'm sensitive as much as I want to have my view known. My girlfriend will tell you that I have no emotion, and she often begs me to be more sensitive about things! I am acutely aware that running a campaign, especially one like we are going to have to run, will be full of doubters, naysayers, and mudslingers, and I'm cofident we will be ready for that.

Ivana Jercough said...

Is it true that you are a racist homophobic child molester ?