Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marmaduke's To Return?**

This is like super rumor alert** but it is marginally interesting.

Mrs. Politics and I went to St. Michael's*** yesterday to celebrate her birthday and wound up talking to some guy who claims that his uncle is the owner of the old Marmadukes, which was located in Eastport where Ruth's Chris is now. This random guy said that his uncle had his fun vacationing in Key West and other tropical locations, and was now going to return to Annapolis to re-establish the old haunt. We didn't trust this guy enough to ask for details, but I suppose it would be interesting.

(***The motto for St. Michael's is The City That Fooled The British......apparently one day in 1813 the British Navy came to bomb St. Michael's, so the citizens raised their lanterns to the top of their ship masts. That maneuver causes the British to think the city was farther away than it really was, and all but one of the cannonballs sailed safely over the city! We all wish that war strategy was that simple today.)


Ivana Socialize said...

you are now a gossip columnist ?

Jessica said...

FYI - I was told Friday night that The Boatyard is actually the old Marmadukes.