Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This Guy Is In Trouble

Look at this police report that was just sent out:
On June 10th at 8:26 AM, a motorist reported seeing what appeared to be an
attempted abduction. The caller said that the driver of a blue Toyota pulled
over next to an adult female pedestrian as she was walking on Poplar Avene near
Locust Avenue. The driver of the Toyota, a male, got out of the car and grabbed
the pedestrian by the arm and tried to pull her towards a wooded area, according
to the witness. She screamed for help. Other motorists stopped and focused their
attention on the suspect and victim. Apparently, that was enough to cause him to
give up his attempt. The victim ran back to one of the other cars in the area,
and that driver allowed her to get in her car. She then drove the victim to the
police station. The suspect got back in his car and drove off.

Witnesses were able to give a good description of the suspect*s
vehicle, as well as the tag number. A responding officer spotted the car on the
East side of Poplar Avenue. The suspect refused to stop for the officer. The
officer followed until the suspect vehicle struck a parked Ford Pick up truck on
Poplar Avenue. The suspect then drove off the roadway up onto a grassy hill
medium. Officers were close behind and the suspect got out of his car
brandishing a knife. He was ordered to drop the knife and gunpoint and did so.
He then began to flee on foot, but some construction workers from a house
remodeling project nearby had seen the events and were lining up in a manner to
stop the suspect.

Apparently the suspect took note of this and gave up his escape
attempt.He was taken into custody without further incident. The victim
said that she does not know the suspect. She was identified as a 39 year old
Arundel on The Bay Road resident. The suspect was identified as 34 year
Richard James Haney of the 1400 block of Norcross Lane in Severn,
Maryland. He was charged with Attempted Abduction, Assault, Reckless
Endangerment, Traffic Offenses, and other related offenses. He is currently
awaiting his initial court appearance before a District Court

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