Monday, October 13, 2008

City Council Meeting 10/13/08: Preview

Much like air quality and terror threats, the best way to describe the amount of free time in any given week is by arbitrarily citing a color. This week is code yellow, which means that there is time to write blog posts, but no time to putz around trying to come up with clever commentary. So, here is what will be discussed at tonight's meeting, at which I will attempt to live-blog.


Normally the prayers and pledge of allegiance are led by a random alderman, but today the Mayor has all of those duties. She then will issue something called a "Close Session Statement". I have never seen this before, but I do know that the council goes into closed session to talk about who is suing them, so perhaps this is a lawsuit update. Perhaps we will learn that "they started it!" is the city's defense for the tens of millions of dollars currently at risk in the legal arena.

Things To Be Voted On For Good Tonight, Unless They Get Postponed, Or Unless Someone Else Brings Them Up Again In The Future:

(Note to readers: the free-time index has just been upgraded to a color called "sunflower fields", which means that there is no time to link to or analyze the bills on second reader. Tune into the live blog for that analysis.)

CA-01-08: Old city administrator charter amendment.

CA-03-08: New city manager charter amendment that would nullify CA-01.

O-11-08: Prohibited parking on unpaved surfaces, a.k.a. the crackdown on illegal immigrants with too many people living in one house.

O-14-08: Establishing standards for grant giving to non-profits. This bill is in a proverbial threesome with the next two bills on this list.

O-23-08: Requiring non-profits to report financials quarterly.

O-26-08: Requiring non-profits to report financials semi-annually.

R-21-09: Fees/fines resolution that travels with O-11.

R-32-08: Enhancing program offerings at the Chesapeake Children's Museum.

R-39-08: Establishing a Blue Ribbon Commission to evaluate various forms of government, even though 2 charter amendments to change the form of government are also on second reader today. Good timing.

Things That Are On The Agenda For The First Time And Will Pass On First Reader and Be Referred To Committee, Unless Someone Filibusters, Or The Power Goes Out, Or The Bill Is So Obnoxious As To Not Receive A Second:

(There are a ton of bills on first reader.)

O-37-08: Appointment procedures for the Art In Public Places Commission.

O-38-08: Updating the city recycling code.

O-39-08: Later closing hours for wine bars in the MX zone.

O-40-08: Change in effective day for the lawn fertilizer disclosure act that they already passed.

O-41-08: Rules for bed-and-breakfasts.

R-41-08: Proclaiming October as 'National Arts and Humanities Month' in Annapolis.

R-42-08: Supporting the Maryland Municipal League Geocache Trail.

R-43-08: Authorization for filing a transportation grant.

R-44-08: Re-designating Clay Street as a Community Legacy Area.

R-45-08: Approving new elections board job in the office of law.

R-46-08: Reclassifying grant-writing job in the DOT.

R-47-08: Transfer a contractual position to a civil service position of Stanton Center Recreational Director.

R-48-08: Approve position of dance coordinator.

R-49-08: Approve position of Hispanic Community liaison.

R-50-08: Approve position of external affairs officer in police department.

R-51-08: Establishing fees for barge houses.

R-52-08: Creating a committee to provide a comprehensive analysis of the $10 million Outer West Street Gateway. In other words, a committee is now being created to study the feasibility of a project that has already been approved.

R-53-08: Creating a task force to examine the impact of art and culture on the local economy.

Also, there are 4 appointments and 7 budget changes, for which I will attempt to gain information from the VIP crowd in the back of the room.

Tailgating will begin at 6:15 in the Hillman Garage. Please bring a covered dish or sparkling fruit punch.

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