Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Soon-To-Be-Famous Cohen Postcard

It might be hard to see, so I'll summarize. It's a Cohen piece with Obama's picture that says "continue our progress by voting for the following candidates", then shows Cohen along with the African American Democrat candidates running on Tuesday. Noticeably absent are the Caucasian Democrat candidates, prompting obvious cries of racial politics, divisiveness, the same old story, and certainly NOT the politics of change and bringing people together.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Finlayson (who is Black) is included, although she is uncontested, but Arnett (who is White), and has an opponent isn't part of this mailer.

It's degrading to the black community that Cohen apparently believes they vote on no basis other that the color of someone's skin.

Bob McWilliams

James Middleton said...

Brian, are you sucking fox's cock ?

Anonymous said...

Josh should not be worried worried so much about losing people's votes; he should be more concerned with losing their respect.

I have voted for Josh in every election since 2001, and planned to proudly vote for him on again on Tuesday.

Not anymore Josh, you have lost something far more important than my vote, you have lost my respect.

Your message is clear; I am so concerned about getting elected, I will sacrifice anyone (Ross) and play racial politics to get what I want.

Sorry Josh, I will vote for Cordle and Rock as a protest.

Anonymous said...

Is Josh suggesting that the only thing these 3 African American Candidates (Hoyle, Finlayson, and Kirby) have going for them is the color of their skin?

Bad move Josh, you really are an opportunist ... I guess these are your true colors. If the African American vote is this important to you, non African Americans should either stay home or find another candidate.

Allen Furth said...

This mailing (and apparently another mailing from Classie Hoyle)are absolutely dispicable. Making Josh and Classie lose their races isn't enough but it's probably the only justice that we'll get.

Anonymous said...

Pandering to a race for votes has gone on for decades, but this is a purely racist move by the Cohen camp. How disappointing, Josh! Is this how you will behave as Mayor? Divisivness is not the answer to the City's problems! At least Corzine pandered for the African American vote by aligning with Obama based on common issues and party. You used Obama because of the color of his skin! You might as well have posed in black face for this postcard. A new low!