Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aldermanic Endorsements

Ward 1
Dick Israel.  Running unopposed, so this is easy.  Regardless of policy views, you can count on his knowledge and positions to be well researched and have reasoning.  Any rumbles of discontent for Israel running after promising to (possibly) leave after one term for health reasons have deferred to the respect due this incumbent alderman.

Ward 2
Fred Paone.  Also unopposed, but it wouldn't matter.  A solid legislator and independent thinker, Fred often makes funny comments that are printed here and increase the popularity of this blog, and he remains the only person with an official fan club.  Also, he stands 9 feet tall, a menacing sight.

Ward 3
Scott Bowling.  This is a 5 star special endorsement, a candidate offering a rare combination of dedication to the issues and community service, logic, and willingness to accept a $12,600 salary while in the prime of one's bill-paying life.

Ward 4
Sheila Finlayson.  I don't want to say "no endorsement", but it's likely I would have endorsed any candidate the Republicans would have put forward.  Since they/we didn't, here we are.

Ward 5
Jim Conley.  I've met Silverman (Conley's opponent) and he seems to be nice, but I support the tax cap and Conley is basing his whole campaign on that, which makes him at least 60% likely to vote for an actual tax cap bill if he's elected.

Ward 6
Greg Stiverson.  Another 5 star special.  Every time Greg writes about an issue, it's the most insightful and accurate position statement on whatever it is he's talking about.  Greg is always 3 steps further than anyone else when considering appropriate solutions to city problems.

Ward 7.
Jennifer Monteith.  I've met Jennifer once and believe her to be a human resources professional.  As we all know, 85% of the city's budget is on salaries, and whereas salaries are determined by union contracts, and whereas human resources professionals know about union contracts, let it be resolved that she share some tricks of the trade and save the city some money.

Ward 8. 
Ross Arnett.  Brave move on my part to break party lines on this one, but Arnett has broken party lines while on the council.  Plus he's an economist, which I would have been had I not decided to flip burgers for fraternity members.  His experience and work on the council-manager and budget are enough to outweigh the fact that he has a full time job and has been criticized for being slow to respond to citizen concerns.


Dave Miller said...

My name is Dave Miller. I am the treasurer for the friends of Scott Bowling. I have been contacted by the Hoyle campaign. They are concerned that persons purported to represent Scott’s campaign are removing Ms. Hoyle’s campaign signs. I can unequivocally state that no one officially on the campaign has removed any of Ms. Hoyle’s signs. I invite anyone that has any knowledge of signs being removed by people purporting to represent this campaign contact me at, with the name of the person removing signs and the locations of the removal.

Scott and I condemn the act by anyone to remove of any of Ms. Hoyle’s signs, aside from the property owner’s on whose property the signs are displayed. They are the only party that has the choice to display or remove a sign. While we are unaware of any signs being removed, with specific evidence of a perpetrator, we will confront them individually and demand they specifically cease and desist with such actions and reinstall any signs removed. Such actions are inconsistent with the caliber of campaign Scott as run, and are unacceptable to the candidate, me, his treasurer, and his campaign manager.

Scott has pursued the position as alderman for Ward 3 based on differentiating himself on the issues of fiscal responsibility, transparency and a professional, council-manager form of government. He is confident that his experience will bring new perspective to the council, and that change is necessary at this juncture. There is no room for childish issues such as sign removal in an adult campaign on important matters.

Anonymous said...

Here is a video on some of the things on the voter's mind