Friday, November 6, 2009

Finlayson and Cordle Want to Name City Building After Mayor Moyer


The bill lists the following evidence as to why Moyer should have a building named after her:

-first woman Mayor
-40 years of service, from First Lady to Alderman to Mayor
-founding GreenScape, Annapolis Conservancy, and "the City's numerous Street End Parks"
-completion of a fifteen-year backlog of capital projects, finishing each project during her administration, including the facilities located at 145 Gorman St

Now, I'm not saying some of this stuff doesn't matter.  The first woman Mayor in 300 years has gotta be worth something.  However, if this honor is bestowed upon the Mayor, here are some other awards and honors that could be gifted:

-The Einstein Medal, given to any person who figures out what a Street End Park is, or the Al Gore Internet Award, bestowed upon anybody giving the Mayor credit for inventing parks.

-The Ellen O. Moyer Ceremonial HVAC Trophy, given to the vehicle taking up the maximum amount of parking spaces downtown without patronizing any businesses near those parking spaces, and/or destroying a previously established business without a plan to encourage future business success.

-The Moyer MHPSRDFPA (Market House Police Station Racial Discrimination Firemen Pension Award), a joint prize awarded in collaboration with the Bar Association to the lawyer with the most billable hours in defense of lawsuits where the city is named as a defendant.

-The Ellen Loves German Heritage Award, given to anybody who wears socks with sandals in public. 

-The Facebook award, given to the social networker that accumulates the highest amount of non-reciprocating, resource consuming friends in the style of the Sister City Program.

-The Obama Award, pioneered by Cohen, Fox, and Cordle, given to any politician that mounts a platform of "change" from the previous politician.

-The Citizen Bravery Award, given to any citizen that fulfills their civic duty by testifying at city council in the face of condescension and dismissal of one's opinion.

-The Nepotism and Favoritism Agreement, more of a technical document that is included in the welcome packet for all new city employees.

-The 'That's Not My Job' Medal, given to a Mayor or Police chief when they respond to citizen concerns of violence by saying "You should start a neighborhood watch".

-The Welcome to the 21st Century Award, given to any Mayor who writes their own emails, flies in airplanes, or writes their own blog posts with more frequency than 1 time per year.


Anonymous said...

Very gratious thing to do. I'm not a big fan of naming buildings after politicians, especially one's that are still alive, and potentially looking for their next job on the taxpayer's dime. Remember when Owens put her name on all the welcome to AA County signs?

I think a Resolution thanking Ellen Moyer for her many years of service is clearly in order. But, putting her name on a building; I'm not so sure about that. Again, mostly because I think it's an arrogant ego trip for politicians.

I'd be more in favor of naming buildings after our heros in the war on terror, rather than for politicians who want to self-congratulate themselves for the ability to spend other people's money.

Regardless, whether you agree or disagree with Moyer's perfomance as Mayor, (and I'd be close to the top of the list of those who disagree), she has been a fixture of Annapolis politics for a long time, and not "everything" has been bad. For Cordle to co-sponsor such a resolution shows a lot of class.

Bob McWilliams

Brian Gill said...

I was thinking about the still alive thing and couldn't remember back far enough to know if Roscow Rowe or Hillman where still alive when the Bouelvard and Parking Garage were respectively named for each of them.

And I agree, regardless of policy or even personality, it takes a high level of cynicism to believe that a politician would work against the interests of citizens. All public service done in the name of bettering the jurisdiction should be commended.

Anonymous said...

Back on this alive thing....could we possibly euthanize her prior to the dedication?

Anonymous said...

How about picking a different building - maybe one that the city actually owns. Maybe rename the Market House after her.