Sunday, November 8, 2009


With this post I've got to take care of some procedural issues.

First, I will make a triumphant post-election return to council meeting live blogging on Monday, bringing you all the emotion and fallout from Tuesday.

And second, I have to apologize for a post that has not been made yet.  I know that sounds weird, but here's what happened.  I figured out a way to blog from my "smart" phone, where I can compose an email on the phone, send the email, and have the email's subject be the blog title and the email's body be the actual blog post.  To test my capabilities of posting something I am viewing, I took a picture of my television and followed the blogging procedure on my "smart" phone, forgetting that my "smart" phone is not working correctly and is not sending any emails out.  So, if the phone smartly fixes itself while I'm not near my computer, you will see a meaningless picture of my television (I'm watching soccer), which I will delete later.

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Anonymous said...

It will be great to have you at the Council.