Friday, June 29, 2007

Capital Punishment: Can We Focus on One Issue?

Capital Punishment is our on-going examination of the political and social views of our fellow citizens via their letters to the Editor of The Capital.

This one is from a woman in Tracy's Landing concerning the Four Seasons Development on Kent Island.

I was amazed by a recent letter to the Editor.

What were you so amazed about?

I rejoice that a large piece of Critical Area on the Eastern Shore was snatched from the jaws of the Four Seasons Resort.

Hey, wait, why were you amazed by the recent letter? You can't just leave us hanging like that. We demand that your thoughts make sense and proceed logically. Also, enough with the 'snatched from the jaws' type lingo. Leave the sensationalism to meaningless blogs like this one.

I live on the Western Shore, by the water, and I love the Chesapeake Bay. I am dismayed by dead zones, fish with cancerous sores and water that the health department says is not safe to swim in for 48 hours after a big rain.

We do not have to allow more construction in these critical areas, even though the developers were misled into believing they would be able to build there.

Ok, now we are getting somewhere. You are a citizen concerned about the environment, expressing your opposition to development on environmental grounds. Excellent. For a brief back story on this issue, click here. To see the Kent Island Defense League, which played a significant role in this process, click here.You also hit on another point. Developers must have the assurances that if they follow the law as it exists and file all of the proper applications, that upon approval of the applications they will be able to build. Apply this lesson to the APFO for Annapolis and you will gain some understanding on that issue as well.

I am also against nuclear energy.


Remember Chernobyl?

Umm, is that near Wawa?

And I am most insistent that there be no drilling for oil in the arctic.

Where is all this coming from? This is not your bully pulpit to crusade against every environmental concern of yours. Stick to anti-development in Kent Island: you will make more friends.

The answer is to be found in new technology, not in destroying our public lands.
BARBARA MILLER, Tracy's Landing

The answer to what? I have so much to ask you! Oh well, I have a pot of Earl Gray on the stove.