Tuesday, July 3, 2007

No More Grauls?

So, we now know that the Graul's shopping center may be destroyed and replaced with an inn and conference center. Shockingly, AP will not take a position at this time regarding this issue. Instead, we will lay out for you the pros and cons.

Pro (Bring on the Bulldozer):

The shopping center is only marginally useful. Rite aid sells drugs and liquor, in the same place, and provides the strongest argument to stay. But let's take a look at the other places:
Laundromat-I actually didn't know this was there.
Bella Italia-good calamari, an italian restaurant not owned by the Priola family, but otherwise
Naval Bagels-horrible. overrated. don't even get me started.

And Grauls. Graul's is never open. In fact, here are their hours (note: these are not their hours):
M-F: 8-6
Sa: 7 am-10am
Su: people work on Sundays?
Holidays: Ha!

The place is horribly inconvenient and we all know it. I know it is a family joint, but I'm sure there were plenty of family horse-shoe making businesses and you don't see anybody crying that cars came along. Get the point? Competition is good and this process must be allowed to go on.

Con (Leave the shopping center there):

West Annapolis needs their food! All of wards 1,2, and 3 MUST go to Grauls or else haul ass halfway across town and through every clogged road and construction site just to get a gallon of milk and some Helluva Good Dip. Here is the unabridged list of wards and where they get their food:

Ward 1: (Monday-Thursday) Graul's
Ward 1: (Friday-Sunday, on the way back from Yachting on the South River) Whole Foods
Ward 2: Grauls
Ward 3: Grauls
Ward 4: Safeway
Ward 5: Safeway, or if you are awesome, Giant
Ward 6: Giant
Ward 7: Giant
Ward 8: Not Applicable. Subsist on a diet of airborne particulates and home grown opium. You will, in fact, notice that there is not a single grocery store convenient to 'Liberal's Cove', otherwise known as the Maritime Republic of Eastport.

Plus the shopping center is city history, Graul's is family run, we don't need anymore development or traffic, yadda, yadda, etc.

So folks, make up your own mind. If Graul's can't compete, they have to go. But, if they go, Bestgate Rd. needs a grocery store, a liquor store, a pharmacy, and while we're at it, a gas station. Whatever happens, just don't do your shopping in Ward 8.