Tuesday, July 10, 2007

City Council Meeting, July 9 2007

This legislative meting was relatively pain free, save for having to endure the chair-woman-ship of Dr. Hoyle since Madam Mayor is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I mean, where did this woman get her PhD. Oh well, here is the summary of what happened.

-O-51-06: leasing of 2 parking spaces downtown to Discover Annapolis Tours
-O-17-07: letting the city sell trash without a peddler's permit
-O-34-07: issuing $28,900,000 in bonds
-R-32-07: special tax district for Park Place

Now, for some awards.

Dumb Bill of the Day Award: Alderman Sam Shropsire's bill to ban the use of plastic bags.

Asshole Award: Several of the below mentioned environmentalist hippie types refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and did not put their hands on their hearts.

Do you Care About Your Job Award: Tough competition here, as both the Mayor and Ward 8 Alderman were absent. In a close race, this award goes to Mr. Arnett--at least the Mayor has an excuse.

And now, for some observations.

It seems like every time Ward 1 Alderman Dick Israel offers a bill, everyone wants to be added as a co-sponsor. Is this because Mr. Israel is a particularly likable fella? Probably not. My guess is: it's because generally Mr. Israel actually takes the time to research his positions, and speaks from his background competency in many relevant issues. Ehh, makes you wonder how qualified the other Aldermen are.

NEWS BULLETIN: Ward 3 Alderman Mike Christman awakes from hibernation! Just kidding. But the often reserved alderman did manage to 'second' a bill when nobody else did, thereby allowing the records to show that he was actually at the meeting.

Next meeting: public hearing July 23 at 7 pm. This one should be good!