Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Promise Made Good

Yesterday I noted how House Speaker Busch calmly assured us, vis-a-vis a quote in The Capital, not to worry about the budget cuts as they won't effect our essential services. Look! Down the page!! Just a little bit lower than you are reading right now!!!

The Capital, immediately recognizing the damage they did to the Democrat Propaganda Strategy, immediately ran an article the NEXT DAY about how the budget horrors will affect those services.

Here are some quotes:

A state workers union said the cuts threaten services to the most vulnerable Marylanders, from those in foster care to those treated by emergency responders......

"We are stretched to the limit," said Pete Peterson, a helicopter pilot who flies medivac flights.

Pete Peterson. Pete Peterson!!!!! Did the propaganda machine spend any time coming up with this name? I mean, this is straight out of a comic book--a superhero, life-saving helicopter pilot named Pete Peterson. I, for one, would like to meet Mr. Peterson. I bet he has some cool stories, or at least some hippie parents.

Flo Jones, a foster care case manager, said "many of the state's most vulnerable children will be at risk" if the Board of Public Works approved cuts to the already "threadbare" agency.

Feeling suspicious, I took the time to verify that 'threadbare' is indeed a word. Although perhaps slightly misused, it is marginally sensible in the context of this sentence. Now to investigate this Flo Jones character.......

Then the governor chimed in:

We need to restrain spending, O'Malley said yesterday.....

.....handily forgetting how much money he has wasted.

And around and around we go.