Sunday, July 22, 2007

Email: Crime

Due to the surging popularity of this blog, we are now the 125th most popular political blog in Ward 5! And as such, AP must remain closed to comments to ensure the continued quality of the content.

But, if you email a comment, we will probably post it! This comment came from a friend of mine--I am withholding his (or her??!) name at this time because I have not asked permission to use the email on this site.

(If this person approves, I will list his name. If he disapproves, well, I will probably plagiarize his ideas as my own!)

Here it is:

In Friday’s blog on Crime you mention a few key things the Mayor should be reading, doing, and implementing regarding crime in the City. I agree with you 110%, especially when we are now at our 5th homicide within the City for the year. At this rate, we are on our way to surpassing 10 for the year. I find only one problem with your suggestions; the Mayor is off for 2 months visiting “sister cities” across Europe. Perhaps she feels safer in these “sister cities” than she does in the Annapolis she is supposed to be managing.