Wednesday, February 20, 2008

City-Wide "Time Out" Day; Everyone Must Sit In the Corner For 15 Minutes

In one of the oddest proclamations I have seen, the Mayor has found inspiration from the President of St John's college, and deemed February 29 a "Time Out Day":
In a recent conversation, Chris Nelson, President of St. Johns College,
identified three concerns that we all face in todays (sic)

1. A crisis of authority
2. Middle-class anxiety
3. The problem of speed and urgency that overwhelms our time for
personal reflection.

Lets (sic) Talk (sic) about the latter point. 2008 is a Leap Year. We have been given the gift of an extra daylets (sic) not waste it!

I propose making February 29, 2008 a Time Out Day.

Why dont (sic! geez, proofread!) ) we all let the rats run their race without us on that day?

Use this gift of time to relax, read, take a walk in our
beautiful City and State, read a book (may I recommend The Discovery of Slowness
by Sten Nadolny), call old friends or simply reflect on all of the good things
that are happening in your life.

On Friday, February 29, take a Time Out from the stress and agitation of the modern world and live life at slower, more reflective pace.

Perhaps well find something inside ourselves that we can give back to each other.

Ellen O.

Mayor, City of Annapolis

This is so weird. I imagine the mayor being overwhelmed by the outrage at her position on crime, grasping at a chance to avoid scrutiny for one peaceful day. "Everyone just needs to calm down", John McCain and now Mayor Moyer advise their detractors.

Here are the things I plan to do on my time out day:

1. Celebrate my dad's birthday. He was born on Leap Year's Day in 1952, and is turning 14.

2. Walk around downtown from the hours of midnight and 2 am, frantically making the "T" sign with my hands to inform the drunkards that it is Time Out Day and urinating in flower pots is not permissible.

3. Sun bathe. With global warming and daylight savings time, it should be like 95 degrees that day.

4. Play the lottery. There is never a Time Out for gambling, and if people are at home reading The Discovery Of Slowness (what a liberal sounding book by the way), then it will give me a better chance to hit the Pick 4.

5. Work. With the competition lazily gallivanting all day, it will give me a good chance to get a leg up.


Anonymous said...

This is such an absurd example of the Nanny State, that I don't even know what to say.

I spent the afternoon with Speaker Busch and his representatives discussing how to deal with the crime problem in Annapolis. The Mayor wasn't there.

Meanwhile, Mayor Moyer distributes a press release saying we should just chill and take a walk or read a book.

The Capital said Mayor Moyer "doesn't get that she doesn't even get it". Well, she's way beyond that.

Three murders in just a month and a half, and what's most important to the Mayor of Annapolis - be my mommy and tell me to read a book and go for a walk.

Nevertheless, the Governor and the State will do her job tomorrow (11:45 at the United Methodist Church in Eastport) and bail her out, in an effort to limit further disgrace of the Democrat Party.

I loved the meeting today, when they said "we've got pleanty of money". I'm sure they do, after the 4am rape of the taxpayer. So nice that they dramatically raise our taxes, so they can bail out fellow incompetent Democrats, like Mayor Moyer.

Bob McWilliams

Anonymous said...

Was this guy a public housing resident? (,0,1023453.story)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Robinwood. So does that count as City murder or County murder?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how they'd tell, but he probably wasn't shot in Davidsonville. They're probably just dumping the bodies in the country now to make it a little more difficult for the police.

RugbyDan said...