Monday, February 4, 2008

I Am Taking A Week Off

Having gained the approval of the local union boss, I have decided to take a week off from my duties of fact checker and amateur pundit. You should take this time to review previous posting masterpieces on this blog, much like the situation in middle school if there was a substitute teacher.....or you can just close your eyes and put your head down on the desk.

I'm telling you this, rather than just stopping posting, so you all know when you can start checking back for new insights, which will be on 2/11.

The reasons for the break are as follows:

1. Work is very busy, including a possible restaurant deal.

2. I just took possession of my new house, and have a contractor and an architect on the "payroll", requiring my attention. Plus I need to move all of my crap into the new house.

3. Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, although I do feel odd vacationing from an unpaid job.

4. Valentine's day is coming up, and if I don't plan a fantastically romantic excursion, Mrs. Politics may search out other political blogging heartthrobs.

Be back soon.

1 comment:

Greg Kline said...

The Sun cites your blog and you are on vacation. Classic.