Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free 411

Now that the charge for using 411 is like $2, you all will be happy to know that there is a free 411 service. Google, the information giant, offers '1-800-goog-411'. Try it out--it's the same as regular 411 but it's free.


Glare said...

I personally prefer using 1-800-411-SAVE for I have tried it myself. Their service is far more better than those other free directory assistance.. This isn't just a simple statement, this is a FACT.. Call 1-800-411-SAVE.. and start saving for information.Check out my blog:

Matthew said...

I tried 411Save - gave me the wrong number. Back to my old standby of 411 (when I'm in a hurry), or 800-the-info when I don't mind waiting to go through the ads. They also have operators.