Monday, February 11, 2008

The Future of Annapolis Shopping

Recently, I obtained this prototype of a reusable canvas shopping bag that will be politely offered to the consumers of the city. The reusable bag program is one of the new initiatives enveloped in O-27-07 Revised "D", which is the 2nd cousin, once removed, of the plastic bag ban.


Anonymous said...

How much taxpayer money did it cost the City to buy these bags and give them away?

Which "special friend" got the contract to produce them?

Does any Alderman ask these questions?


Anonymous said...

It's a great idea, and a good way to build good will for the City. Let's hope it goes into mass production.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how this builds goodwill. I'm one of the luck 5% that gets to pay 95% of the taxes. Am I now buying people's grocery bags. Where does it stop! Someone needs to tell Moyer it's not "her" money. It's so easy to spend the hard earned money of others.