Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Campaign Finance Reports

HERE is the link to the city web page which lists all finance reports recently filed by the July 1 deadline. Any organization that raised or spent money to spend for political purposes was required to file. Here are the individual links:

Annapolis Democratic Central Committee

Annapolis Republican Central Committee

Citizens for Chuck Weikel (D)

Classie G. Hoyle (D, Ward 3)

David H. Cordle (R, Ward 5)

Debbie McKerrow (D)

Ellen Moyer (D)

Fox for Real Change (Chris Fox, running for mayor) (I)

Friends of Fox (Mike Fox, former alderman) (R)

Friends of Frank Bradley (R)

Friends of Fred Paone (R, Ward 2)

Friends of Scott Bowling (R)

Friends of Trudy McFall (D)

Friends of Zina Pierre (D)

Jennings for Annapolis (G)

Julie Stankivic (R)

Richard Israel (D)

Ross Arnett III (D)

Sheila M. Finlayson (D)

Shropshire Letter (D)

I don't quite have time to go through all of them, but the issues that I am aware of at this time are as follows:

-Zina Pierre is definitely running for mayor because she has accepted contributions that are above the level allowed for aldermanic campaigns. Zina herself did not sign her campaign report.

-Trudy McFall has like $39,000 in unallocated cash, which is a good start. Her campaign chairman, Dennis Conti, does not live in the city and therefore is prohibited by city code from being the chairman. I ran into this situation, and I had to label myself the 'senior advisor' to the campaign. Not a huge deal, but someone looking to get in a cheap shot could raise the issue in the future.

-Sam Shropshire is unbelievable. You'll notice that the link is to the "Shropshire Letter", rather than his campaign report. Apparently his house flooded, prohibiting access to the finance records. Even so, one would expect either (1) the treasurer to have the records, (2) the records to be in electronic form on Alderman Sam's computer, or (3) someone go to the bank and at least record the cash balance in the account so the appearance of at least trying to make the report would be made! This is not the first election shadiness from Alderman Sam. Although I was not paying attention when this happened, I think Alderman Sam actually changed his name to avoid particular election law. Weird.

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Dennis said...


My signing as Committee Chairman was an error on my part. I am Trudy's Campaign Manager, as is correctly reflected in our organization filing. I have been informally calling myself also Committee Chairman, which I understand may be cause for confusion, and will no longer do so, just as you experienced.