Wednesday, July 9, 2008

McFall Campaign Response To Weikel

This is from Dennis Conti, the campaign manager:
Although Trudy McFall's campaign will not get into endless debates with
Chuck Weikel, we will answer his most recent remarks.

Regarding Trudy’s personal contributions, she felt strongly as a matter
of principal that if she was asking her long time friends and professional
colleagues to help her, she should demonstrate her own commitment.
After reimbursements, therefore, she has contributed $2,538 to her campaign,
indeed a few dollars more than her largest contributor. Other big contributors
mentioned in Chuck’s memo do include Trudy’s Mom, brother and best friend and
business partner, Nancy Rase, which makes Trudy a very lucky person since they
are all persons of modest means.

Of the 113 donations Trudy received, about 1/3 are from the Annapolis
area – they are long-time friends, volunteers, and business colleagues. With
respect to the Annapolis area, this initial fundraising phase did not intend to
reach beyond these people. When Trudy reaches out beyond her
local long-time friends in future fundraising, we expect she will have a
strong Annapolis grassroots’ response. As to the other donors who are out of
town, they do represent Trudy’s longtime friends and colleagues from her field,
affordable housing. Remember that Trudy has spent 40 years at the Federal,
state, and local level as an affordable housing expert. This has given her many
close colleagues around the country. There contributions are a demonstration of
their respect and affection for Trudy.


Bruce Godfrey said...

The formal errors in this press release (principLE, not AL, more than my largest [OTHER] contributor]) scream "amateur hour."

Anonymous said...

Trudy should be allowed to support her campaign within reason. Why not? Although at the rate she is going she will have to spend some money soon on a new pair of shoes. I think she plans to knock on every door in the city limits which is more than the fly by night late comers to this race would be able to do if they started tomorrow.

Go Trudy!