Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fox For Mayor

So, as you may know I am the campaign manager for Chris Fox, who is running for Mayor this cycle. I am not going to use this blog to campaign because these are my opinions and not Chris' opinions.

That being said, I am going to publicize his web site right now because (1) I want him to win and (2) I designed the website from scratch, and I am proud that it functions. I previously knew nothing about web design, and now I know 1% of everything there is to know about the web design, which makes me a web design expert.

The site is foxformayor.com, and you can certainly make donations*. But remember, my thoughts are on this site, and Chris' thoughts are on his site.

(*subtle hint)


Republicans of Crabby Town said...

I will vote for him and encourage all of our friends to as well


Anonymous said...


Why do you let racist or people pretending to be such post things like that.

Bob McWilliams

Aryan Republicans of Annapolis said...

We are the Aryan Brothers, and we support Fox for Mayor.

White Power !!!!!

Brian Gill said...


I really don't want to get into the comment moderation/censorship business. I prefer to leave the comments up in their unedited form, and let people draw their own conclusions.

This issue came up when I refused to remove inflammatory commenets about Paul Foer from this site. Since that time, there have been occacional comments like this one that are clearly from a fictional alias and clearly not to be taken seriously. Whether this is Paul seeking irony or revenge, or simply some other wack-job, I don't care.

It is my hope that readers of this blog can see how foolish and unconcerned with the issues that some people in this town can be.

Anonymous said...

I guess that as long as it's not obscene or defamitory, people should have the freedom to express their ideas.

In this case, however, I suspect that this person isn't the Aryan Brother he claims to be. Talk radio has their seminar callers, CSPAN has those folk who claim to be Republicans, and then go on to disparage Bush and tell us how they're going to vote for O'Bama, the most liberal member of the Senate.

Blogs apparently also have their wolves in sheep's clothing. Paul Foer says it's not him; we'll take him at his word.

Although I resent the obvious dishonesty of this "Aryan Brother", I would agree that, when in doubt, freedom of speech should prevail over censorship - even with the cowards who are afraid to put their name to their words.

Bob McWilliams

Anonymous said...


I commend you for sticking to your core beliefs. Free speech should always be welcomed, even when it is not something that you would say or agree with. That is what seperates freedom from censorship.

Paul copied me on his e-mail to you this morning. Do not sweat his comments; you have repeatedly stated that your blog is your blog and reflects your views and opinions; noone else'.

Have a good day, and I am glad to see that Chris' website is up and running. I especially like the Red ... It is going to be an interesting and fun filled '09 campaign season in the City.

Scott Bowling

No Marriage for Gays said...

Scott, Are you for Same sex unions aka marriage ?

Bruce and Frank

Real Republican said...

If he is gay, he is clearly a republican impostor as all bona fide republican are Law and Order nazis and find homosexuality reprehensible .

Anonymous said...

Let's see, the anonymous cowards have covered race, and are now onto sexual orientation.

I hope their childish behavior and obvious stupidity soon move on, maybe to moveon.org; that's the birthplace for much of this crap.

Bob McWilliams

Anonymous said...


Just like the hate Hannity hotline, maybe you should deveote a spectial section to your Blog, where the sick and stupid can display their pearls of wisdom for everyone's amusement.

Bob McWilliams

Praising Jesus said...

The white supremacists are clearly imposters as no self respecting republican would ever expose the fact that most annapolis republicans are frightened of the black man's power.

The fact that most republicans are white is as bold a statement as they care to make.

They can not tolerate gays however, and if Scot is claiming to be a f*g he is obviously an imposter.

Jesus Christ is Saviour

Brian Gill said...


The above has crossed the line...if you want it removed please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Scot says :I now live in Annapolis, just outside of historic Parole in Ward 3 with my Partner, Dave,

He is not a f*g, now way. I think he is using the phrase " Partner" to indicate a business relationship. We all know republicans hate homos

Brian Gill said...

After speaking with Scott, the comments are going to remain. He affirms the value of free speech, and the policy of non-censorship remains despite my momentary willingness to suspend it.

Anon, FYI, Scott has his own blog where you can speak to him directly if you wish.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to address me personally, should e-mail me directly at mscottbowling@verizon.net or visit my blog at www.talkofannapolis.blogspot.com

In regards to my personal life, I think I have been very clear as to who I am and what I do and do not represent or believe in.

Again, anyone with questions, please feel free to e-mail me directly or visit my blog.

Dem E. Moore said...

It is not surprising that an ex-democrat is a homosexual. They are simply using new techniques to advance the homo-agenda. Good for you Scot.

Anonymous said...

And people accuse Reps of being the ones full of hate, see above posts.

Anonymous said...

We are not full of hate, Just come see us at the next Md RNC meeting. We are ,for the most part , nice white, middle class christians and hetero sexual too. We people in guns, no f*g marriage, and capitalism

Anonymous said...

The Annapolis Republican Central Committee (ARCC) will hold its next "Politics on Tap" gathering at 7pm this Thursday, July 31, at the Loews Hotel Weather Rail Lounge located at 126 West Street in Annapolis.

And BTW , you will be able to count the blacks and gays present on your right hand. They most probably will be cleaning up after us, or serving our needs.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance abounds. Its interesting how the Democrats have invaded this blog to create the impression of Republican in-fighting. It may have worked, if only it weren't for the purely bitter tones these idiots are using. For the record, my good friend Scott is doing many good things for the Republican party and he deserves everyone's respect. I don't care what he chooses in his own home, and nobody else should either.

Nice try Dems, too bad you lack the intelligence to pull something like this off. Makes me kind of sit back and chuckle.

Baltimore Republican Networkers said...

Scot is a wonderful human being, Now if only the negroes could change their skin color when they leave the house we would welcome them into Our Party.

Anonymous said...

Wow Brian, good site, had no idea it was that extensive!!!
p.s. don't like the racial/sexual orientation remarks either, but people have a right to thier opinions no matter how ignorant!