Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All Hands On Deck For Holiday Patrols

This from a press release today:
Chief Johnson stressed that the Department is maintaining a greater police coverage
downtown during the Holiday Season, especially during the weekends.
The Annapolis Police Department has a longstanding policy requiring that
during the period from Thanksgiving through Christmas all Lieutenants and
above, including the Chief, patrol the business districts citywide, on foot, in an effort to deter crime.

Chief Johnson says that officers are patrolling both in cars and on foot. He also said
that there are undercover officers on the streets nearly 24 hours a day. He encouraged businesses, visitors and residents to take “commonsense” precautions.

“It is no secret that robberies increase during the holiday
season.Using common sense, keeping valuables in a safe place, locking car doors and keeping to well-trafficked areas will go a long way toward helping ensure public

The answer to this question may very well be "no", but isn't it a good idea to have enough patrols on the street at all times during the year?

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