Monday, December 3, 2007

O'Malley Corruption and Environmental Alarmism All In One

Fellow Red Marylander Mark Newgent has done some fine investigative work regarding a horrendous environmental plan of the O'Malley administration. In short, the state is contracting its environmental policy to an organization with blatantly wrong statistical analysis and documented political motives.

You can see the full post here, or read the following conclusions:
Through the MCCC and CCS Governor O’Malley has:

-Outsourced formulation of state climate policy to a blatant advocacy group
(with ties to a campaign contributor positioned to take advantage of CCS policy recommendations) and alarmist funding sources;

-Loaded the commission’s working groups with people who have substantial
political and financial stakes in implementing CCS policy recommendations, creating serious conflicts of interests and ethical questions;

-Appointed a commission chair (Tad Aburn), who refuses to obey Maryland’s Public
Information Act, by not releasing public documents concerning CCS’s contract with the state, and its relationship to the formation of the MCCC. Aburn himself, ordered
the Maryland Department of Environment compliance officer to withhold the
. This is a delicious irony since O’Malley’s father-in-law, former Attorney General Joe Curran, wrote the book on the PIA;

-Set the stage to significantly increase the energy costs of working
families, further dampen the state's economy, and curtail individual


scott_api said...

Wow. Politics being used to appoint people to jobs. In most administrations, this is called business as usual. So is withholding documents from the public. In Maryland, whether it is Ehrlich or O'Malley, we call it corruption.

All in all, I would have to say Maryland got it right. this is corruption. I'm all for increased spending on fixing the Chesapeake (call me selfish, I like to be able to swim at Sandy Point) but the money has to be spent on efforts known to work, or with a reasonable expectation of positive results. Not on increasing the power of your political party or lining the pockets of your friends/donors. Too bad it is ingrained by the time a politico gets high enough to run for Govenor.

Mark Newgent said...

Thanks Brian. Sadly the MCCC "deliberations" are all a formality for ramroding CCS policy prescriptions.

We will see what happens in the General Assembly. Look for Maggie Macintosh chair of the House Environmental committee to push most of policies through the house.

If you thought the special session was bad, wait until you see the ramification of these alarmist policies. Of course the corporate rent-seekers like BP Solar will get from the GA what they can't get on the open market and the radical greens will get what they can't in the market place of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Re: Carbon the currency of a New World Order Quote

Their plan is that everyone on earth will be given the same number of 'carbon credits' so a person living in a village in India, who doesn't even own a car, will suddenly has a 1000 carbon credits. If a family in America wants to have two cars and heat their home in winter they will have to buy credits from poorer countries. This is just a socialist scheme for global wealth redistribution.

Even scarier .. at any time they can just say the climate change is progressing faster than they predicted so they have to cut everyone's carbon allowance by 30%. They will have control almost every aspect of our lives. They have already devleoped a thing called the Kyoto Chip, and the UK has setup a Carbon Currency Unit in their treasury. During my research into this subject it is crystal clear the Global Warming is all about controllong and reducing human activity in order to protect their goddess, Gaia. We live in interesting times!!

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