Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ward 2 Special Election Results--Victory: Fred Paone

In a display of absolute grit and heroism, Fred Paone tasted the thrill of victory in today's special election. The vote counts (as far as I can remember!) are as follows:

Fred Paone (R): 427
Debbie McKerrow (D): 358
Karen Jennings (G): 122

I am probably off but that's pretty close. There are only 17 absentee ballots, so the Paone victory is all but assured. The official count will not be completed until Friday.

I have to give great credit to the other 2 candidates. Karen Jennings ran a strong campaign, and truth be told, her votes likely split the democrat vote and allowed Fred to win. Debbie McKerrow ran a classy campaign, and this election cycle avoided the negativity seen in the last Ward 2 cycle. Debbie was so gracious as to come to the Paone reception after learning of his win.

So now, time to move on. Fred, your first agenda item is the budget! Sounds like a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure that you can necessarily presume that Jennings voters would have voted Democratic but for a Green candidate. I am not suggesting they would have voted Republican as much as I am speculating that they might not even have shown up to vote. Through poll watch tracking, you would need to determine how many of the Greens vote in elections with no Green candidate. As long as 70 Greens would have shown up without a Green candidate (more than half that did with a Green candidate) and all of them voted for the Democrat (unlikely) only then can you make the claim. Note also that McKerrow lost the last election -- was their a Green on the ballot then?

Brian Gill said...

Good point.

Anonymous said...

I think the police endorsement did not hurt Fred either. It sure helped Sheila and Ross in the last election.