Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Questionable Leopold Ethics

As reported today in The Capital:
Four days before County Executive John R. Leopold publicly threw his
support behind a bill to help a developer build a golf course, the developer
hosted a fundraiser that raised tens of thousands of dollars for the county
executive's campaign coffers.

After Mr. Leopold's senior staff testified in favor of the bill, the County
Council passed it. The bill exempts developer Albert Lord from having to pave a
mile-long road to the private golf course he's building in Harwood.

The criticism of Leopold here, as described by fellow Red Maryland contributor Brian Griffiths, is not that Leopold raised money, but that he continues to maintain that he is not in the pocket of developers:
If you look at the record of this administration of the past year, the record is
clear that I've stood up to the builders and developers where I thought it was
appropriate," Mr. Leopold said.

The county executive also promised increased transparency in government, which is (at the least) ignored in this case. Leopold is a shrewd politician, which is not to say he cannot accomplish good things, but such perspective is useful.


Brian Griffiths said...

OK, I'll say it. John Leopold can't accomplish good things because John Leopold only cares about John Leopold.

Anonymous said...

John Leopold is a typical corrupt politician. I dont think honest politicians exist anymore. Look at those that make >$500K a year and can't even pay their taxes. What a shame !