Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fred Paone To Speak Tomorrow Morning

...at the Wednesday Republican Breakfast Club:
Fred Paone is the Republican Candidate for Ward 2 in the Dec.19th Annapolis
Special Election to replace Mike Christman as Alderman. Please come by to help
with Fred's election to the City Council.

The WRBC meets each Wednesday at the Eastport Yacht Club, 317 First Street.
We salute the Flag at 07:30 AM Sharp.

Overall, the Paone campaign is going swell. He has adequate funding, and is approaching 200 yard sign locations.

The most important factor in the election will be the voter turnout, and if people who say they will vote, actually do.

With the election merely a week away, there is reason to be optimistic--but not complacent! I have spoken to several people specifically, and I will be making sure they vote! I encourage all of you to do the same, or face the consequences of the same leadership that we've had on the city council.

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