Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alderman Stankivic: Silver LEED Standards Not Enough**

**Rumor Alert.

In technical terms this is a rumor because I did not hear it first hand, but I am quite sure of the accuracy, so read with courage. You can also try the original source in case he posts on the subject, or the original original source.

I recently noted how every Alderman except Stankivic and Hoyle co-sponsored the conglomerated environmental bill, a.k.a. O-27-07. Part of the bill would apply Silver LEED standards to all city funded construction, adding certain up-front cost but possibly saving in the long-run.

I have since learned that Alderman Stankivic's dissenting view originates from her belief that the bill doesn't go far enough, and that Platinum LEED standards should constitute the degree of compliance!

I suspect that the platinum standards are so named because the taxpayers will need platinum credit cards to pay for the customizations.

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