Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jerry's Seafood Coming To Annapolis

Jerry's Seafood, the greatest seafood restaurant of all-time, will enter the Annapolis dining market, taking over the location where Metropolitan is right now.

I was told of this about a week ago, but it was my understanding that it was not yet general knowledge. I think my uncle tried to tell me as well, speaking of a 'big restaurant deal' he was working on at his bank. But now, the information is public:
Jerry's Seafood originally attempted to come to Annapolis at Dock Street
last year, but backed out after the city's Board of Appeals ruled rooftop dining
would not be allowed in the Historic District.

Mr. Buckley said the Jerry's folks would be brought into the
corporation, but the West Street location will be the same space with just a
different menu - and possibly a different name.

Jerry's at Metropolitan is being tossed around as the new name for the
restaurant, he said, but there is a possibility the restaurant may just retain
the Metropolitan name.

The arrangement sounds confusing--it sounds like Jerry's bought into Metropolitan, rather than buying them completely.

For those of you who don't think this is newsworthy, you have never eaten at the location in Seabrook. No joke, best seafood ever:

On a personal note, the success (if it is to come) of Jerry's Seafood at this location will go a long way to heal some personal scars that I have. My life was nearly ruined when the opposition to the proposed Jerry's Seafood location downtown caused Jerry's to say "screw this".

Edit: After some research and thought, it makes some sense that Jerry's would buy into Metropolitan. I think Metro is doing just fine, but the owners opened a new Lemongrass near Safeway, and a really nice one in Baltimore. When you do things like that, you need to replenish the cash. Knowing that Jerry's was looking for rooftap, it seems to be a natural arrangement.

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