Saturday, January 26, 2008

Election Endorsements

Myself and the others at Red Maryland put together endorsements for President and most of the MD congressional races, which you can see HERE.


Mainstreamshore said...

You are endorsing intolerant Andy? The man is a right-wing nutjob that makes our big tent party look bad!

I am torn between EJ and Wayne. I leaned EJ until his three amigos ad which was borderline racist. Wayne hasn't done a bad job and he understands us sensible Republicans.

Brian Gill said...

I didn't endorse anyone in that race. The people listed basically won the majority of the votes of all of us.

Pipkin and Gilchrist are certainly more liberal than Harris. I don't think we should sacrifice conservative values to 'widen our tent', and while Gilchrist may represent the sensible Republican, he certainly does not represent the sensible conservative.

It sounds like you are on the right track for yourself, though.

Scott Bowling said...

This is great information for all of us (the loyal readers of this blog)... I appreciate the research and time your group put into coming up with these endorsements.

I do not think many people even knew who was running against Congressman Sarbanes in the February 132th primary election.

Again, your efforts are to be commended.