Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Homicides Narrowly Avoided; Stray Bullets Fly Into Houses

Perhaps my headline skews the facts, but check out these two events from today's police report. Both are public housing areas.
THREATS: On January 23rd at 12:30 AM, a 20 year old resident of 711
Newtowne Drive was threatened as she was standing outside of her residence. The
victim said that an adult female with whom she is familiar came up to her and
started an argument over an unspecified matter. The woman*s 15 year old son then
came up and joined in the argument. He then told her that * he had something for
her* and ran towards his residence. A few minutes later, she heard two gun shots
and ran out of fear for her safety. She did not see who fired the shots, but
felt that it may have been the juvenile who had just threatened her, as she said
he has bragged before in the neighborhood about possessing a gun. The victim did
not report this until 3:30 the next day, and the other parties involved could
not be immediately located. The investigation is continuing.

SHOTS FIRED: On January 23rd at 11:08 PM, an officer, on patrol, heard
numerous gun shots coming from the 1300 block of Tyler Avenue. Upon
searching for the source, he found that the front of a townhouse had been struck
by four or possibly five bullets. The occupants were checked on, and no one was
injured. One bullet came all the way through a front room, coming to rest inside
a closet. Officers searched the area for suspects with negative results, and the
investigation is continuing.

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