Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Email: Police Force

This was actually a comment on my most recent post, but I decided to put it up as its own post because the information is worth sharing. To the author: thank you for your service and for this comment!

I have been reading your blog with interest. I read often and never feel the need to comment. Today you have some misinformation that needs to be corrected. I am a 15 year veteran of the Annapolis Police Department. There are no such orders to remain reactive in our patrols. Annapolis Police embrace community policing and do our best to interact with citizens. You like stats so here is one for you to think about. Our patrol division consists of 63 officers. About 10 of them are supervisors. 53 officers answer all the calls for service in the city!!!!. Well we had about 45,000 calls for service last year. Not much time for proactive policing huh? A good place to start is to fill the 23 vacancies.

It's becoming very hard to defend the position that we do not need to fill the vacancies, as the mayor seems to be doing.

I soon hope to have the data on service calls (not just arrests, as the data detailed in the previous post was), so we can continue the analysis.

I am very happy that citizens, and the police in general, are concerned about this situation.

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