Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bulkhead Replacements

$9 million of work on the city dock started this week, and the mayor is optimistic about the project. As she also acknowledges that timing is important:

It really relates to the beginning of the spring season for the businesses down there," she said. "The contract clearly specifies what the time frame is, which means we are working double shifts and we may have to pick up a third shift."

Ms. Moyer also is concerned about getting the job done in time for the Maritime Heritage Festival, scheduled for City Dock in May as part of the city's Charter 300 celebration.

The construction is supposed to take 6 months.

The city has a lot to prove after the ongoing disasters that are the construction of the Market House and Police Station. I believe this will be the biggest project supervised by the relatively newly hired Director of Central Services, Robert O. Schuetz, who also was a chief developer of Acton's Landing.

So, the initial plan for city dock bulkhead replacement:
-6 months
-about $9 million

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