Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inside Crime Information

I received this comment today:

15 year APD officer has left a new comment on your post "Still No Word On Police Hiring Plans":

Here it is as I see it. Several months ago we were told that we were hiring 4 officers from Baltimore city. We were told they were Puerto Ricans that Baltimore had recruited. None were ever hired. Then we were told that they were ready to hire 4 more lateral officers. Just last week I heard that the 4 was down to two. So as far as I know we have two lateral officers starting October 18, 2007.

Now for the bad news, I know of eight officers who have either just left APD of will retire by the first of the year. We also have several officers out hurt. CID is short handed, Patrol is short handed and foot patrol currently has no officers (one vacancy, one retirement, two out hurt). No additional tests have been given. No one has been hired from the last test yet.

Yesterday was the largest job fair in the area held at the AACO fairgrounds. I counted about 8 police departments in attendance but no APD (well at least not behind the tables!). It sure looks like a lot of talk but no action on the hiring front. Capt. B. Hopkins has been in charge of hiring for 20 years. It is time for a change. 15 year APD officer.

Unfortunately I don't have much time to meet face to face with officers, but if you go by the information we have here, the attitude of the higher-ups is hard to fathom.

Let's say for a minute that the mayor has a valid point: that every jurisdiction including APD is facing hiring difficulties because of the war in Iraq. If that was true, shouldn't we join every other department in trying to recruit as much as possible?

Also, saying that there needs to be a change in personnel doesn't mean the person in the current position is bad: just ask New York Yankees manager Joe Torre. I think that a fresh voice can be beneficial.

Hopefully we will AT LEAST replace the officers that are leaving/retiring, but right now it's just too risky to be optimistic.

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