Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Tax Diligence

I am happy to endorse the cause of one of this blog's favorite activists:

Dear Friends:
Senate Republicans are working to STOP the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN MARYLAND HISTORY FROM PASSING. Earlier Senate President Mike Miller changed the Senate rules so it takes 19 Senators to STOP this “tax them to death (and after death)” juggernaut. There are 14 Republicans in the Senate. IF only five (5) Democrat Senators will take a PRINCIPLED STAND to protect families, this unprecedented effort to railroad enormous tax increases through the General Assembly will screech to a halt! It’s up to us to convince them to do so.


Please make a call to the following Democrat Senator’s Offices, urging them to stand on principle and join with those Republicans who are working to protect our families. (Individual office phone numbers, the area they represent AND their reported occupation is listed. Send this message to everyone you know in Maryland.) When we work together, we CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Senator John C. Astle (Anne Arundel County) Phone: 410-841-3578
Occupation: Former Aviator

Senator Jim Brochin (Baltimore County) Phone: 410-841-3648
Occupation: Insurance Broker

Senator James E. DeGrange, Sr. (Anne Arundel County) Phone: 410-841-3593
Occupation: President, DeGrange Enterprises

Senator George W. Della, Jr. (Baltimore City) Phone: 410-841-3600
Occupation: Legislator

Senator Roy P. Dyson (Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s Cos.) Phone: 301-858-3673
Occupation: Legislator

Senator Edward J. Kasemeyer (Baltimore & Howard Cos.) Phone: 410-841-3653
Occupation: Banking/Real Estate

Senator Nancy J. King (Montgomery County) Phone: 410-841-3686/301-858-3686
Occupation: Businessperson (Appointed in 2007)

Senator Katherine Klausmeier (Baltimore County) Phone: 410-841-3620
Occupation: Legislator

Senator Anthony C. Muse (Prince George’s Co.) Phone: 301-858-3092
Occupation: Clergyman

Senator Douglas J. J. Peters (Prince George’s Co.) Phone: 301-858-3631
Occupation: Businessman (First Elected in 2006)

Senator James N. Robey (Howard County) Phone: 410-841-3572/301-858-3572
Occupation: Public Safety

Senator Norman R. Stone, Jr. (Baltimore County) Phone: 410-841-3587
Occupation: Attorney

Want to call Senator Mike Miller and let him know what you think? Phone: 410-841-3700 or 301-848-3700
Occupation: Attorney

Toll free to reach General Assembly Offices: 1-800-492-7122 or 1-800-946-5000.

Governor Martin O’Malley, Senate President Mike Miller, Speaker Michael Busch and their fellow travelers in the Democrat Party have shown their true colors! If Governor O’Malley (and the Democrat leadership) are not given their way with retroactive tax increases and additional items to tax, they have already said they intend to cut funding for education, cut funding for police, cut funding for fire protection – etc., etc., etc. They INTEND to inflict pain on all of us – from the youngest to the oldest. I believe it is time for us to speak out – or at a later time we may be forced to FOREVER hold our tongues!

Earlier this year (February 13, 2007) Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller, Jr. said: “If the governor doesn’t want us to go forward with revenue increases, then surely we must go forward with cuts. The public is going to have to feel the pain before the General Assembly can make gains in terms of identifying new revenue sources.”