Monday, October 1, 2007

Success of E-Cycling

I would say that the content of this blog contains 35% criticism, 20% praise, 35% neutral or factual information, and 10% meaningless words that have no business being published.

(They say that negative news sells newspapers. But after developing my skills as a cynic, I have not seen one stinking cent. Egghh, what do they know?)

(I have just been informed that this is not a newspaper, nor is it for sale.)

In an effort to raise the 'praise quotient' of this blog, I am happy to report a very positive experience that I had when I e-cycled 2 things on Saturday.

I learned about the e-cycling event about a month in advance through a press release. I then saw it advertised at least 7 times after that. Point being: an adequate job was done getting the word out.

I was excited, because I had things to e-cycle. First was a computer tower from 1999, that was painfully slow and limited in capacity when compared to my newer laptop. Second was a TV that spontaneously stopped receiving signals from a remote control. So, as a matter of course, it was immediately replaced by a high-definition model with a remote control and a sleep timer.

I probably could have sold these items, but that's a pain in the butt. Space in my ward 5 abode is at a premium, and getting these mammoth boulders of electronic history out of my house was more valuable to me than any amount of money I could reasonably expect to get from a fire sale.

Anyway, I threw my relics in my vehicle, and headed towards Truxtun Park. There were about Avagadro's Number of signs pointing the way; point being: people could find the place. When I got there, a kind man verified that I was in the right place, another kind man quickly removed the items from my car, and as I was leaving, kind man #1 instructed me to enjoy the rest of my weekend. The whole process from the time I left my house until I received the parting pleasantry took about 6 minutes. Very satisfactory. And there was a lot of stuff there, which makes me think a lot of other people had the same experience.

Hopefully the people in charge of this event will be in charge of the boat show too.

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