Monday, September 17, 2007


Yesterday The Capital reported that the mayor's crime proposals turned to bickering, which is what happens when anyone raises any concerns about any of the mayor's ideas. (Check back later tonight, or possibly tomorrow, for a comprehensive post on this.) Capital Punishment brings up a good point about this:

Is Police Chief Joseph Johnson about to get the pink slip? CP has repeatedly called for Mayor Moyer to help Police Chief Joseph Johnson toward his retirement since CP started writing this blog but now there are signs that it may be about to happen. While yesterday's front-page article in The Capital about confusion over crime fighting (see post below) was being discussed all over the city, CP was listening to two local officials/politicos in the know who were questioning whether comments made by the Chief were going to blow the Mayor's top. The words "fire" and "resign" and "John Patmore" (the ousted former Department of Public Works chief who openly questioned the Mayor) kept coming up.

You will recall that John Patmore, the former director of Public Works, was terminated only days after expressing concern that the city was going to lease its space to 2,000 triathletes for a fee of $1. The mayor claimed the termination was going to happen anyway, but as this blog pointed out, Mr. Patmore was the only director to go and there others who were perhaps more deserving.

Not only has the police chief challenged the mayor, he has done it on the most visible issue in the city, and unless the mayor is satisfied with relegation to lame duck status, the issue that will cause her the most political harm.

Is Chief Johnson next in line? Who knows.


Anonymous said...

many of us read your blog to get away from CP. DO you know this guy? he iswacko.

PAUL said...

Once again, some cowardly, whiney, name-calling, insulting web surfing, mud slinging %@**#^ attacks a responsible blogger--ANONYMOUSLY!!! While bloggers such as Brian Gill and I work hard to write and develop a public forum, and for no compensation, albeit from different perspectives, at least we have enough mental and moral capacity to let the public know who we are. In other words, we have conviction and respect for free speech and other's opinions. And, we have self-respect. Anonymous, sniveling, insulting bloggers have neither of these qualities. You sir, are perhaps related to the cockroach, the scavenging creatures that only come out under cover of darkness. Perhaps, you could, as in a reverse Kafkaesque story, be turned from a cockroach into a responsible human being, and then we could debate responsibly. Of course, hell could freeze over....

Brian Gill said...

Yes, I do know Paul. I usually try and attend his Thursday morning get-togethers at Ahh Coffee. As Paul alluded to, we often have differing opions, but we agree sometimes as well. I think hearing arguments from both supporters and opponents helps my understanding of the issues, and part of the reason I started writing the blog was so I could learn more. Thanks for reading.