Friday, September 14, 2007

Rumors About Problems With Police, or Police Impersonators

This is by far the most hearsay-based post that I have ever made, but the implications are grave so I will oblige.

I have been reliably informed that persons flashing badges have been stirring up trouble at some of the local bars on more than one occasion in the recent weeks, including getting really drunk and trying to start fights. A friend of mine was forced to leave out the back door of a bar to avoid some people trying to start an altercation with him.

We would all like to believe that these people are not sworn officers, and right now there is no evidence that any officers were involved.

I think this is a good opportunity to point out the importance of our police officers. We hold them at a higher standard than we hold ourselves. We allow them to restrict our liberties if given probable cause, we rely on them for our safety, and if there is an emergency situation, we send them in to possibly die so that we can live. I for one appreciate the job they do.

I don't know if there are officers doing this, but if they are, I hope they are stopped (especially if they are drinking while they have their guns, which is not allowed). Conversely, impersonating an officer is a very serious crime, and if people are doing that, I hope they are caught, thrown in jail, and made to face a dangerous situation like a real officer.

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