Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Truth On Officer Hiring

The following comment was made on one recent post:

APD officer said...
If you are being told we hired 8 officers, thats news to us here at APD. We have hired none from the test just given. In fact the hiring process is not even complete. only 34 passed the test. after the written test is physical agility test, polygraph, psych test, piss test, oral review board and backround investigation. we will be lucky to get 2 in about six months. Then off to the academy for 26 weeks then 14 weeks of additional "GAP" training.

I got the '8 new officer' statistic from a story in The Capital, linked here. The article attributed the statement to the chief himself:

Chief Johnson said his department has received 490 applications in the past two years. Of these, 165 applicants took the required test, which has been administered about twice a year. Ninety-five applicants passed the exam, and eight were hired.

Perhaps the chief referred to a very recent event that the rank and file do not know about yet, or perhaps we are getting bad information. Maybe the chief is referring to exams that have been given in the past, and not the most recent exam. For a little guy like me, it is almost impossible to find out for sure.

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