Tuesday, September 11, 2007

City Council Meeting, 9/10

AP attended the city council meeting lats night, although admittedly only for the first hour , as I succombed to the allure of the Ravens game.

I was not too terribly excited about the meeting; here are the highlights (of the first hour):

-A guy who went to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada, a sister city of ours, and brought back some various propaganda and memorabilia.
-Passage of the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO). I will do a whole post about this later.
-A guy complaining about the traffic circle at Park Place/West St./Taylor Ave.

A letter writer recently complained about the same thing, because it's a bit tricky to navigate.

So, to all of you outsiders using this blog as your travel and informational guide, here are some tips:

1. From Spa Rd, stay in the outside lane to go towards downtown.
2. From Taylor Ave., outside lane must turn right at West St. and inside lane goes everywhere else.
3. Avoid this circle. That's what I would do, except I can't help it because Mrs. Politics lives off of Taylor Ave.

Stay tuned for the APFO post!

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