Sunday, September 30, 2007

Setting The Record Straight

Here is what Public Information Officer Ray Weaver had to say in justification of the mayor's recent portrayal of the city's partnership with a DEA drug task force as "new":

It is my job as the city's public information officer to deliver the information that I receive to the mayor. I misinterpreted the letter from Police Chief Joseph S. Johnson regarding the drug task force and I issued the press release that said this was a new initiative.

There was no attempt by either the mayor or the chief to mislead the public in any way. It was also not my intent to mislead, but I was not clear on the details of the chief's letter and I regret the confusion that mistake has caused.

I have to say, I don't know if I believe this. But, I have no facts to disprove it, so I suppose that's that.

But that's not that for this post--I've got more!

Notice this quote:

There was no attempt by either the mayor or the chief to mislead the public in any way.

Why, Mr. Weaver, would you need to say this? We have faith in our elected officials' integrity. Is there some action by the mayor in the past that would suggest she might mislead the public?

Whoops, yes there is.

It's hard to know what to believe. Confusing reporting by The Capital combined with confusing statements by the people in charge have left us with no answers regarding hiring more officers. I can tell you who's not confused: the victims.


Anonymous said...

This whole issue begs the question why is it Ray Weaver's job to deliver information from the Chief to the Mayor. Why don't (or aren't) the Mayor and the Chief just talking between themselves and delivering information to Ray Weaver who delivers it to the public?

Anonymous said...

Sure, we have a public affairs guy releasing a press release like that without consultation with the Mayor! If he thinks we believe that he must think we are really stupid, or if it is true the Mayor must be. Either way, a fine mess.