Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Charter School

Although I am no expert on the issue, it seems to me that by most accounts, the KIPP Academy was a successful and useful Charter School that fell victim to government balderdash.

Assuming that's true, we should welcome the possible addition of a replacement: as reported yesterday:

A Baltimore-based educational organization is considering opening a new charter school in Annapolis.

Officials with the Children's Guild, a nonprofit organization that usually works with emotionally disturbed students, have been meeting with school officials and hope to start the new school next fall.

AP is all for charter schools, because they satisfy economic reasoning. The are schools of choice, and if they don't' do a good job, students go somewhere else, the bad school closes, and a good school opens up.

The problem with the current plan is that there is no accountability. Accountability follows money, but money for our schools currently goes to the county, then to the school board, then eventually to the schools. It's too hard for us to hold the schools responsible. Let's hope we see more charter schools, more choices, and more accountability.

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